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THE SESTANTE Installation of lighting artists Alessia Seraglio and Hélène Foata

Dal 27/2/2012 al 26/3/2012

Installazione Luminosa Il Sestante ad AsiagoSEXTANT-light Installation artist altopianesi Alessia Menagerie and Helene Foata meadows Asiago of winter 2012

Two artists altopianesi, Alessia Menagerie (Prozac) and the sculptor Hélène Foata have created a light installation immersed in nature, camouflaged camps, visible from sunset to the wee hours of the night.

The ' installation, which will be exhibited from February 27 to March 26, 2012, is located near the Lumera in via San Domenico to Asiago, which leads to the road to San Domenico.

The ' operates day and regenerates after a day of Sun lights up at night.

The light that comes from the stars is perceived with delayed by our visual system; What we see is the memory of light. From this concept, the two artists perceive the Sun as energy but not as memory and propose the project " the sextant ". 20 m long composition, made with photovoltaic material that accumulates solar energy and led lights that give off. In this way the effects of ' astro that we can extend even heats up during the night.

The ' work is also a reflection of the night sky, Milky, mirror of a pragmatic vitality that matches the landscape, an artistic approach land art " ".

Hélène Foata and Prozac are a symbol that will represent a rare alignment of fenomeo eight planets in our solar system. Means also exorcise the prophecy of 2012.

A work that would involve the perceptual and metapsicologico backwards in the symbol at a time until all existential archaic apparition ' sextans. Precise cosmological compass that guides who knows read. One way to insisitere on free will, on ' be your Captain, with visions North as life compass to align with the ' universe.

The ' work is a trusting adherence to human and scientific explorations, a calm reflection on the cosmos.


The ' event can see soon also on Youtube.


Alessia Prozac Thireas on Facebook

Photographer Johnny Micheletto on flicker

Cameramen Luke Kelly on Facebook

Coordination and Ivan Baù lyrics

The artist would like to thank ' for the hospitality on Mrs. and Mr. bass, Ms. Elvira Bass and Ms. Gilda Paganin.


All rights reserved.

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