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The theatrical Company The Confraternita del bagolo in Enego, Saturday August 18

Saturday 18/8/2012 at 21:00

Spettacolo teatrale a Enego "La confraternita del bagolo"The theatrical Company " The Confraternita del bagolo " in Enego, Saturday August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012, Enego, Asiago plateau, a theatrical performance by the company "The Confraternita del bagolo".

The show that will be staged is titled "Magnar, gratar, murmur ... just scumissiar".

The event will begin at ' /21:00 at the Palace of culture and tourism of Enego.


The name explains the origin of the company: "Bagolo", as is often the case in fact, it all started, you say: "bagolo", for the game, then the game itself slowly took his hand, and a group of women was organized to offer their shows and some fun, more often than not to charity, for a good cause.

Everything is born years ago. On the occasion of the Carnival, every year is staged a fun little show that entertains the ladies participating in the usual dinner on fat Thursday at the kindergarten; time to time, jobs have become increasingly complex and tasty.

The success of these performances and the final restructuring of the old Hall of the parish cinema, now the municipal cultural centre, and thus optimal for the reception of a wider audience, have enticed the young ladies to broaden and refine the repertoire.

The theater that is proposed, it is very popular, however know tapping into tradition, in memory of the habits and customs, sayings of Enego, and in doing so it contributes, with modesty and in his small, at a minimum, yet still valuable, recovery of memory.

"La Confraternita del Bagolo" is a group then amateur, who writes his own lyrics, create the scenery and costumes, most often the purpose of representations is beneficial, for fund-raising were addressed: the Association of 118 volunteers; the town Mount Lisser della Speranza, Pediatric Oncological Hospital of Padua; the Committee of parents schools Enego; Civil protection of Enego.

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