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Theatre "1915-1918 SPERO CHE IO TORNI" Ass United in memory, 24 August Cesuna

Saturday 24/8/2013 at 21:00

Spettacolo "1915 - 1918 Spero che io torni" dell'Associazione storico-culturale "Uniti nella memoria", a Cesuna il 24 agosto1915-1918 representation "I hope I get back" historical-cultural association "United in memory", Cesuna the 24 August

Saturday 24 August at the Cinema Teatro "a. Palladio" by Cesuna at 21.00 hours the historical-cultural association "United in memory" held a performance of the show "1915-1918 I hope I come back".

1915-1918 I HOPE I COME BACK

"1915-1918 I hope I come back" is a representation carried out by association that thrashy schematism in ordinary tell the great war. But emphasizes the quotidian events lived in some milestones: the entry into war, the escalation of the conflict and the involvement of the civilian population, the defeat of Caporetto, al Piave, to November 4, told with simplicity of who through letters and diaries reveals in all its drama the tragedy lived by them. Bearing in mind that opposite side there was an enemy, namely, the Austro-Hungarian Empire that also addressed the daily current events, we wanted to give voice to some fragments of letters. Several texts are read in Venetian dialect with rough grammar, in order to underline the identity of a peasant world where family values, work the land and their traditions are fundamental qualities to face the hardships of war. (Hunger, the nostalgia of the affected family members, lack of hygiene, the cold, the boredom of waiting for development of events, fear of being annihilated at any moment.)
Impersonation is supported by a short film created by the Association, the soundtrack consists of folk songs which are the testimony of the events experienced in the context of the great war.


The Association "United in memory" for the purpose of conducting research activities and enhancement of the cultural and historical memory of the first world war. Also intends to re-evaluate the role played by men and women, wearing a uniform or home to educate children and raise a family, focused on the drama of war and its consequences. The association intends to transmit the teaching not to forget and not to repeat the idea that war is a means for resolution of conflicts between peoples and groups. The Association aims to promote and/or participate in cultural events and historical re-enactments, which are the most immediate means to achieve the objectives which it intends to pursue.


Email info@unitinellamemoria.it

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