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Theatrical Ensemble Theatre Company Vicenza Canove di Roana Saturday, August 25

Saturday 25/8/2012 at 21:00

Ensemble vicenza teatro a CanoveTheatrical Ensemble Theatre Company Vicenza Canove di Roana Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012, Canove di Roana, Italy Theatre Company Ensemble will perform with the show "municipal elections in Villa".

The ' event will take place at the Theatre of Canove, 21:00 hours.


It is history, even that of the Italian Republic, which is still rising and they are held the first elections, a time when few knew write: Par firmàr enough metar nà crose and how it teaches us the good Domenico Pittarini, in his municipal election in Villa, already began the first "rigged" to elect those who would have ruled, the first Sinico "i.e. Mayor:

Mayor: Avèu parlà a stì galantomeni ....

CURSOR: not only go parlà but gò credudo bèn, par asecurarme, dè darghe tabs written in different. Ela sior Sinico, will be rieleto from nà beautiful votàzion!


And ' a company of artists, technicians and theatre scholars met around a draft revision of the teatro popolare veneto and not, convinced that the sense of theatre is based sull ' belonging to a community, expressed through his actors, in ' " interest " dialects, Theatre Royal Foundation of its internationality.

Since 2003 with the artistic direction of Roberto Lily it initiates various projects for prose, classical tradition and contamination from Carlo Goldoni, so William Shakespeare, Luigi Pirandello, George Feydeau.

For kids Playhouse, has found its expression in two creation methods that take off from the varied world of fairy tales: original subjects, using methods and conventions of Commedia dell'arte, and developing an innovative Fables and tales universally known with a language that contaminates each other, dance, speech and image.

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