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Thursday, Cesuna culture, "Adele Pande refugee" by Raffaella C.

Thursday 23/7/2015 at 20:30

Adele pergher profuga libroThursday's July 23, 2015 at Cesuna of Roana appointment at 20.30 to Mario Rigoni Stern Library for the customary appointment of the summer Thursday evening in the village plateau.

For the exhibition "Thursday of culture", lecturer and writer Raffaella C. presents, in collaboration with the author Lucy Campbell, the books "Adele Pande-a refugee story forgetta" and "refugees, Vicenza stories of the great war".


Adele Pande represents all women really existed that were found to escape fromseven Municipalities Plateau following the punitive expedition of the Austrians, began on 15 may 1916.

After 100 years, in a kind of complaint, the refugee history sheds light on a dramatic affair, really lived by thousands of people who had no voice: the forgotten from the great story of anItaly that very often forget, ignore, or worse, that we were refugees, not long ago.


The volume is the result of a historical research project in which was analysed the phenomenon ofrefugees of war emerged with drama in the Pedemontana band following the punitive expedition during the great war; students also have deepened the logistical aspect of the exodus and the social and anthropological peculiarities that characterized the phenomenon.


Raffaella Calgaro is Italian and history professor at theTechnical Institute ' g. Chilesotti " of Thiene (VI).

Careful to ensure all students the opportunity to learn something important not only for school, but especially for concrete social contexts in which they live, shared countless professional experience particularly significant about the interdisciplinary and new forms of teaching of history in schools.

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