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Traditional "Feast of St. Anthony," Sasso di Asiago 13 to 23 June 2013

Dal 13/6/2013 al 23/6/2013

Festa di Sant'Antonio 2013Traditional feast of Sant Antonio ', Sasso di Asiago 13-14-15-16-21-22-23 June 2013

Also this ' year, as usual, will be held at the Sasso di Asiago the traditional feast of Sant Antonio '.

La sagra, deeply felt by the locals but in General from all the various dates of the plateau's towns, in the month of June.

The first opportunity to have fun all together will be the June 13, 2013, then continue the weekend from 14 to 16 and the weekend from 21 to 23.

For the duration of the Festival will be available a very rich food Stand with local dishes: Green spetzle, polenta and baccalà, musso, tripe, mixed Grill, sausages with sauerkraut and many other specialities.

In addition to food there will be 2 variants of traditional Lager and a variation of red beer.

You can stare all open ' or ' in a heated big top of 800 sqm (for dance fans there will be 400 square meters of track).

Will also be available a Wi-Fi area for Web connection and an area'campsite with showers and Wc.

This is a ' opportunity to get together with family and friends, have fun and participate in the activities offered by the organizers; Asiago.it you should not miss this great event: rock concerts and dance, line dancing and Latin American, activities for children and families, football tournaments and luncheons and dinners to no end!

Finally, Sunday, June 23, there will be the traditional Sant Antonio ' Raffle with many prizes.

The ' entry is free till 20.00. From 20.00 onwards the cost of entry ' will be returned as a meal ticket.

For the ' tournament fees Sant Antonio ' Cup and for all information: smn.bau@gmail.com or 347-6003103 (Alessandro)


Here you can find the ' brochure with all information:
Festa Sant Antonio ' brochure to Sasso di Asiago.





Hours 9:45 Holy Mass at the Parish Church of Sant Antonio '

Hours 12:00 Everyone to lunch with " tones ", celebrating all Antonio

14:30 Holy Procession hours

Hours of 16:30 Village for Football Match

Smooth Stone 21:00 hours: Festival of dance music with mark and the Clan


FRIDAY 14 JUNE 2013 '

Hours 21:30 Latin: Stone big top with the Latin American group RicaSuerte and performance animation with Asiago Sauce

Hours 22:00 Sasso Rock: Sala grapperia, Rock music and dj



Hours 11:30 Aperitif of the Holy

Hours 15:00 1° football quadrangular friendly category students

Smooth Stone 21:00 hours: Festival of dance music with Rossella Ferrari



Hours 1° Torneo 09:00 Sant Antonio ' Cup, chicks and little friends

Hours 11:00 Mass at the big top

12:00 Opening hours food stand

Hours 15:00 play withthe cocoon" " who plays the " dialect comedysurprise Ceremony"

Smooth Stone 21:00 hours: Festival of dance music with Caramel

Hours 22:30 exhibition of tango and Argentine dances


FRIDAY 21 JUNE 2013 '

Hours 22:00 Sasso Rock: Australian fest; music, photos, and country with Paella accompanied by Blonde Brothers and Silverado Country Band and his Corps de ballet



Hours 11:30 Aperitif of the Holy

Hours 15:00 friendship tournament over 25/under 40

Smooth Stone 21:00 hours: Festival of dance music with Cornflower and Orchestra



12:00 Opening hours food stand

Hours Lunch 13:00 with Toresani or Cockerels spit (reservation required at 333-2786700 Serena; by June 22 Saturday)

Hours 13:00 5° Motogiro of Huts, bike parade and lunch timeIgna Motoclub" "

15:00 friendship tournament hours over 40; same-day registration

Hours 15:30 traditional games for children (steals flag, break pignatta..)

Smooth Stone 21:00 hours: Festival of dance music with Renzo Biondi

Hours 21:30 Sass Latina: Sala grapperia with animating Asiago Sauce

Hours 22:30 extraction of winning lottery tickets of Sant Antonio '

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