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Twenty ninth International Competition of woodcarvings August 20 to 27 in Asiago

Dal 20/8/2011 al 27/8/2011

Concorso internazionale di scultori in legno ad Asiago

29th International woodcarvings 20-27 August in Asiago


As for many years now, become local, Asiago tradition this year will host the international competition of wood carvings.


Around the historical center will present woodcarvers of various nationalities that starting from pine or Pine Weimurth the will shape day by day with a skilful and patient processing through various works of wooden sculptures. All this using tools ranging from authentic chainsaws to move slowly in small chisels.

The entire procedure will take place under the eyes of everyone in the main streets and squares of the country and the old town, giving way to the visitors can contemplate, day by day the skillful art of sculptors and admire the works that take shape slowly.


This the contest rules published by the municipality of Asiago:

ASIAGO, 20-27 AUGUST 2011

1) The Municipality of Asiago organizes the 29° Concorso Internazionale di outdoor wood carvings, which will

place in the pedestrian zone and in town squares by 20 to August 27, 2011.

2) the sculptures should be carried out using:

a. a pine trunk or pine weimurth the height of 130 cm and a diameter of 40-50 cm provided

by the Organization and which must be exploited to the maximum;

b. a panel of weimurth pine or pine. about 120x80x10. It is recommended in this case to

wear proper door-panel that cannot be requested from the organization.

NB. There are no trunks and 8 panels 12 whereby the choice of the artist does not bind

the Administration that, in the case of requests exceeds the number of trunks or panels available,

you will feel free to give out.

3) tools for processing must be owned by the artist.


4) each station can be equipped with a self-locking "CEI 16 amp 2 poles + Earth;


5) The place and the material to sculpt will be allocated by drawing lots.


6) expenses for accommodation and meals are borne by the Organisation from 18 of the 20 August at 18 hours of

August 27, 2011.


7) the works will be owned by the artists, with the exception of the one chosen by the jury which will constitute

the Heritage Town of Asiago.


8) it will be a winner artist prize of € 1,937 .00 gross.


9) jury award named after Joe From Ave, will be delivered to the artist as voted by

citizens and tourists by means of tabs rated to be delivered to the Office of tourism of the municipality of

Asiago 11.00 a.m. of 8/27/2011.


10) the award consists of a silver plaque with the image of the municipality of Asiago which will be delivered

during the awards ceremony.


11) For the success of the event each station must remain active throughout the period

established for the purpose of engaging in the best possible way the citizenship.


12) during the week there will be a public meeting dedicated to the presentation of participants

Symposium. Each artist must therefore bring its timeline (photos,

slides, etc.).


13) The registration is free and will be formalised by filling in the appropriate card, together with

from personal curriculum and 2 photos of his most important works. The question involves the automatic

acceptance of the rules contained in this regulation, to be sent to:



Tel 0424/464,081-64349-FAX

within and no later than 15 MAY 2011.


14) thejury will select the sculptors to participants according to the curriculum and to the works, the municipality

will promptly inform the sculptors.


15) The Municipality of Asiago assumes no liability for damages that might be caused to the

people and things while working.


The works in order to be admitted to the final exposure and to participate in the contest,

must necessarily be completed and finished in every detail within 12.00 a.m. of Friday 27

August 2011.


All rights reserved.

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