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View a LAND, its artists in Asiago from 8 to August 20, 2013

Dal 8/8/2013 al 20/8/2013

Mostra "Una terra, i suoi artisti" AsiagoView "a land, its artists" Art Group along with the 8 to 20 Asiago August

From 8 to August 20, 2013, Asiago, will open the exhibition "a land, its artists", exhibition of works of art of the authors of the plateau's towns.

The exhibition will be held at the Auditorium of the Regency of the Comunità Montana "Dear Regency of the seven Municipalities", Via Stazione 1, Asiago.

It is an initiative proposed by the Group "Art Collection", in collaboration with the Comunità Montana and the Town of Asiago.

Theinauguration of the exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, August 8, 2013 to 18:00 hours, presenting prof. Sergio Bonato.

The opening hours of the exhibition are as follows: 10:00-12:00 - 16:00-19:00.


The desire to bring together thefigurative art was built in the heart of a handful of amateur villagers- painters, sculptors, engravers, already in the mid 80 's, the "friends of the arts".

Li joined (and unites them) the same passion for art in all its forms and expression.

For them, "it is important to create with intelligence, skill and inventiveness , in comparison with others, help and mutual stimulus, because this is not merely a passing experience (of which only have a nice souvenir) being once a week at the premises of former elementary schools contrà Pennar.

So it is written in the July 1989 in the article "the strength of a collection" (f. Bottazzo).

A very meaningful and happy because anticipated its current name of the group, With Art.

Since then, here is a series of activities including intense and very challenging, from the participation at the annual international competition of wooden sculptures of August asiaghese to a variety of seasonal art exhibitions (see in the Hall of Masks of the Comunità Montana 7 C) addressed to guests as to the premises, until the collaboration with the school district for the Organization of seminars on art history or design courses, painting and sculpture for high school kids and adults.

Some sculptors, among the most "prolific" members of the group have exhibited in art exhibitions both collective personal (see for example the Biennale d'Arte Sacra Vicenza) and participating in competitions at home and abroad.

With John Forte - Ninin Tanazio -versatile, popular singer asiaghese and Chairman of the group for many years, the "working together" seemed to rejuvenate and mature both in individuality in the collective capacity of understanding especially in realizations of works intended to remain over time to a whole community asiaghese.

They are eloquent evidence fObeng Ofosu greater notary authorisation of bronze, which is located in the altar of the Duomo of Asiago and the bas-reliefs of the old Council of Regency and the ancient gathering of Capicontrada.

The latest effort created by the group, all admirable in the left corner of the Vold railway station, home of the Comunità Montana 7 C, is dedicated to emigrants and the plateau's towns represents one family departing into the unknown, in pain and hope.

Cultural Association "art" has as its purpose the promotion of initiatives to sensitize the artistic culture in the plateau.

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