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Excursion Tour of the Malghe di Marcesina

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Località Marcesina

Locality Marcesina

Soft mobility route Giro Malghe di Marcesina

ITINERARY: Tour Malghe di Marcesina

Technical indications

Degree of difficulty: Medium/Easy
Difference in altitude: 125m
Max altitude: 1371m asl
Min elevation: 1294m asl
Length: 10,6km
Walking time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Means: on foot


A few kilometers from Asiago is the Piana di Marcesina, one of the most spectacular areas of the whole Veneto formerly used for grazing sheep, in particular of the native breed "Foza" selected by the shepherds of Foza but widespread in all the Seven Municipalities and most of the province of Vicenza. Today pasture of hundreds of cattle.


After crossing the municipalities of Gallio, we pass Foza and after about 4 km from the small but charming center, in Lazzaretti, we turn left uphill following the signs for Rifugio Malga Ronchetto, Piana di Marcesina. We first leave Malga Fratte on our left and after the Rifugio Malga Ronchetto on our right and continue for a hundred meters, where we will find on the left the possibility to leave our car.


We start the hike by walking in the opposite direction to the one from which we arrived along the paved road. After a few hundred meters on the right we will see the Malga I Lotto Marcesina, after which we will reach an obvious junction, where we will have to keep to the left following the signs for the Hotel Marcesina (do not continue on the right in the direction of the Marcesina Refuge).

After about 500 meters we will cross a dirt road on our right, which in a few minutes we will reach Malga II Lotto Marcesina.

The Malga II Lotto Marcesina is located in a central position with respect to the Piana di Marcesina and is therefore an ideal point to fully enjoy this unique landscape . We continue our walk, we will be able to discover the uniqueness of this place. The particular conformation of the terrain means that this easy walk is suitable for everyone, even as a route of soft mobility.

Continuing north, we will leave on the side of the road on our right a beautiful and large pool of pasture, essential for watering cattle grazing, while further in the distance you can see one of the two peat bogs in the area. A few more minutes and we will pass in front first of Malga III Lotto Marcesina and shortly after at Malga IV Lotto Marcesina. Continuing along the easy road with a natural bottom, past Malga V Lotto Marcesina, the route will intersect the asphalted road near the Hotel Marcesina, now called Rifugio Alber. We continue a few hundred meters to the side of the main road, until we meet on the right Malga Marcesina di Sopra and on the left the dirt road that will take us to visit the delightful church of San Lorenzo.

The church dating back to 1300, dedicated to San Lorenzo, destroyed during the Great War, except for the bell tower that miraculously remained almost intact, was rebuilt in 1925. An ancient local legend tells that the Saint whose liturgical celebration occurs on August 10, traditionally associated with the passage of the Perseids meteor shower; invoked by the highland shepherds to defend the Plain from the usurpers of the Valsugana, he would have thrown hundreds of "shooting stars" to drive away the opponents. The remains of these meteors would be the numerous round stones of various sizes that dot the Piana di Marcesina even today. In reality, these are boulders of morainic origin whose removal is prohibited by a Decree of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage.

Near the church are still evident the remains of the former Italian war cemetery that collected the remains of 2356 soldiers, dedicated to the Lieutenant of Complement of the 130th Rgt Infantry Brigade Perugia, Raffaele Stasi; M.O.V.M. fell on November 22, 1917 on the Melette di Gallio.

From here we return to the Hotel Marcesina, after which we do not retrace the dirt road on our left traveled on the way, but instead continue on the right along the paved road (little frequented) to return, following the signs for Enego, Foza and Rifugio Marcesina, towards the starting point. The route is almost all flat and therefore does not require any particular effort.

Once at the junction met on the way out, before returning to the car, we make a pleasant detour taking a right towards Enego. After passing the Marcesina Refuge, after a few hundred meters, we take the dirt road on the right between the pastures, following which we will finally find ourselves on the road from which we arrived not far from where we left the car.

Once we reach the starting point, we can decide to continue a hundred meters uphill, in the direction of Foza, to reach the Malga Ronchetto Refuge. Here, on the outdoor terrace with a panoramic view of the plain or in the cozy internal rooms, we can relax and refresh ourselves with a good homemade dish or with a tasty snack.





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