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Treschè Conca excursion route - CAI 804 - Fort Corbin - Treschè Conca

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Itinerario Forte Corbin CAI 804 Altopiano di Asiago

Corbin Fort Route

Treschè Conca excursion route - CAI 804 - Fort Corbin - Treschè Conca


Easy loop route from the church of Treschè Conca to Fort Corbin,the largest great war fortress in the Plateau.
The wonderful landscapes between which the trail develops and the visit to the fort make this itinerary interesting both from a natural and historical point of view, giving the hiker who travels it a truly unique experience.

Overall, the route winds both on paved and dirt roads. Hiking shoes and long trousersare still recommended, as at certain times of the year the grass may be high.

The fund is generally in good condition.

ITINERARIO: Treschè Conca Excursion - CAI 804 - Fort Corbin - Treschè Conca

Technical guidance

Degree of difficulty: easy
Difference: 250m
Altitude-min: 930m above sea level
Maximum altitude: 1190m above sea level
Length: about 10.5 km (round trip)
Walking time: about 4 hours A/R (visit to fort excluded)
Means: Walking or MTB


The route starts from the parking lot of the church of Treschè Conca,hamlet of Roana.

Arriving from the plain, along the Cost Road,to enter the village you will have to turn slightly left into Via Campiello,then continue straight to Via Fondi to the small roundabout in the center of the village.
At the roundabout you will have to take the second exit to the left, thus taking Via Church,and follow the road until you reach the parish.

Starting from Asiago,on the other hand, you reach the hamlet of Treschè Conca by taking the provincial road to Vicenza. Once you arrive at the roundabout that leads to the center of Treschè Conca you hold the left and continue along Via Fondi,where at the small roundabout you hold the right and you follow the signs to the Fort Corbin,along Church Street for about 850m. The church is on the left.

Car stopping point: parking near the Church of Treschè Conca.


This route begins in front of the Church of Tresché Conca, a symbol of this Roanese hamlet and famous for the presence of the evocative and scenic "fountain of elves",which overlooks the mountains to the west of the Plateau.

Along the Church you continue in the direction of the kindergarten,where at the crossroads you descend to the right towards Contrada Rossi. Once you reach it, you hold your right and continue along the main road for about 1 km crossing a beautiful grove of beech trees.

Just before reaching Contrada Moscow,on the left you will meet a pitch from where, as reported, the path leading to Fort Corbinbegins.
From here it is therefore enough to follow the cai 804 signs and its red-and-white signs along a path that always winds uphill and in the middle of the green.
At some point, when you encounter a fork with no obvious signage, you have to hold your right and continue uphill.

After a short time the path comes out of the woods and on the left has wide and verdant pastures. At this point you have to turn left and follow the tracks of a road usually traveled by tractors,which climbs through the fields for about 200m, until you reach a small plateau where passes a pastoral forest lane. Here you have to turn right and follow the track for about another 250 m.

On the right you will now meet a large fir tree that presents at the base ancient border stones, or "stoan platten",and you have to turn right along the fence that delimits the large lawn for about a hundred meters. You then enter the grove and follow the signs of the CAI and the path of the path for another hundred meters.

Boschetto di faggi, percorso verso Forte Corbin

After walking the first 5 km here you come to Fort Corbin,the largest of the fortresses of the Great War of the Plateau. The fort is currently a large open-air museum and is fully open,with a visit of about 1 hour,after buying the ticket. At the fort you can enjoy a beautiful view of the underlying Val d'Astico and stop for a refreshment in the bar of the property.

To return to the car you now follow the paved road that starts from the parking lot of the fortress, along which we will meet some interesting things.

Shortly after leaving the fort behind, you can see an arrow placed on the right indicating the sculpture called "the wise": it is a work carved on the rock by a Vicentino sculptor in the late nineties, representing an elderly face and exhorting the passer-by to meditation,in this panoramic place of immeasurable beauty.

Grande prato con recinzione da costeggiare

Continuing along the road, you reach after a few kilometers the place known as "the Pillars",so called for the presence of one of the two pillars that delimited the access to the Barracks of the Carabinieri Regi,which at war was an important checkpoint and of which today you can see only the ruins.
In addition, just a little further on the side of the road you can notice a memorial stump reminiscent of the Trieste irredentist soldier Carlo Stuparich,here dropped in 1916 during the Strafexpedition. Continuing further, after a few hundred meters, on the left we can see a stone reminiscent of the Trentino Augusto Giuliani, who fell very young in 1916.

For those who want to extend the route, shortly after the two memorial tombstones, on the right there is the detour to Mount Cengio,reachable after about 3km.

Following the paved road, you continue straight to reach Sgreva Pass,from where the gentle descent to the village of Treschè Conca begins, taking care to keep the left once you reach the crossroads with Malga Ronchetto / Val di Gevano. At this point, the end of the journey is now imminent.



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