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Hike on Mount Longara


Escursione Monte LongaraWalks and hikes: hike on Mount Longara


The Mount Longara is located just north of the town of gallium, for it is convenient and easy to reach. But for the scenic beauty and nature has nothing to envy to major summits of the North of theplateau of Asiago. From this area you can enjoy a wonderful view of the so called central basin, where most of the settlements on the plateau. You can also admire the lush pastures surrounded by forests of FIR and beech.

ITINERARY: Monte Val Marie
Technical indications
Level of difficulty: Medium Easy
Difference in altitude: 200 metres
Min Altitude: 1440 m above sea level
Max Altitude: 1610 m above sea level
Length: 7 Km (roundtrip)
Walking time: 3/4:00 (travel gait)
Means of transport: on foot-mountain bike-riding-snowshoes

And, of course, could not miss the Alpine pastures with their particular structure and the Alpine ponds, artificial environment but unique for flora and fauna in this Karst Plateau. The last item with the rest contributes to enchant the visitor is the Geology: throughout the area there are outcrops of red marble (marble of Asiago) than for their chemical and physical properties take on spectacular forms (think of the crowns of Monte Fior).

Paesaggio estivo escursione Monte Longara


Starting from Asiago you follow direction Gallium/Foza/Enego;  shortly after the Center, before leaving the village of Gallium, turn left following the signs for the ski resort and mount Ortigara. After a few kilometers you get to ski slopes "Melette 2000", with a large car park where you should leave your vehicle. At the bottom of the square on the left side a forest road on which there is no entry, from which you can begin the hike.

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To get to know these places, with a guided excursion in complete safety in the area of Mount Longara, contact the guides Plateau.


The path starts on dirt road pleasantly immersed in the green of the spruce. Along the way are often visible several groomed trails from forest resources for extraction, so be careful to stay on the main road, although the wood is not dense and the nearby asphalt road minimises the risk of getting lost. After the first few minutes one can see already through the firs Alpine pastures above the first rank. The climb is not over yet, but the scenery distracts from fatigue, finding himself surrounded by pastures, ponds and characteristic red marble outcrops. Always walking on the road are touching then pastures of Mount Longara overlooking the village of Gallium and across

Itinerario Monte Longara

the Central Basin of the plateau. At the same time you will alongside sweets bumps of the massif of Melette (gallium Foza) and across the Monte Zebio separated from Val di Nos.
Continuing along the ridge of Val Marie, keeping constantly the 1600 metres, you come to the Memorial of the visit of Pope John Paul II, who came to bless Gallium and the plateau.

Paesaggio Escursione Monte Longara

From here there is a remarkable window on the upper area, ranging from heights of Portule, Cima Dodici,Ortigara. The road then continues into the forest and descends quite quickly until Refuge chalet at Campomulo, where the Gallium Fund Center and from there, in a few minutes, you will return the car walking along the street surrounded by pastures, Alpine pastures and ponds.

Those who want to spend a whole day in this itinerary you can stretch starting directly from the Centre of gallium, rather than rise in the locality, and return to the same road Melette. Keep in mind that the difficulty level changes as the altitude rises 500 metres is fulfilled.

Profilo plano-altimetrico Longara