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Associazione Asiago 7 Comuni Ski Orienteering Klubb

A.S.D. Asiago 7 Comuni Ski Orienteering Klubb

TheAssociazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Asiago 7 Comuni Ski Orienteering Klubb (ASD A7C SOK) was born on April 14, 2011 in order to contribute to promoting the image ofAltopiano di Asiago combined with a sustainable sport and with low environmental impact.
After years spent participating in high-level events, the Association Asiago 7 Comuni SOK is a local landmark and recreational fun for fans of all ages and abilities.

At a time when the company is increasingly concerned about environmental protection, with the sport in a natural environment promotes understanding and respect for this territory. Theorienteering is a sport for educational excellence.

We know the Orienteering

Orienteering is a fun and interesting sporting activity. Orienteering means maps, forests and lots of adventure by exposing the world with map and compass. No matter how young, old or trained you are: orienteering is a sport suitable for everyone.
If you love being outdoors and exploring the world, orienteering can be the business for you!

The social purpose is to promote the dissemination and practice of both competitive (for amateurs) and educational and propaganda of sport in general and the sport of orienteering in all its forms and manifestations, organizing:

Maps with fixed itineraries all year round;
'Activities to promote orienteering as an eco-recreational sport that is environmentally friendly;
'Promotion activities in schools;
'Basic activities forstarting directing to orienteering sport;
"Competitive agonistica activity
Training and refreshercourses

Orientation walk-C-O

Who is oriented along the route passes through a series of control points that are earned in an order determined earlier. The choice of free and è path è the fast and accurate reading of the topographic map.

Ski orienteering-ski-O

In ski orienteering equipment and technique are those skiing. Consists in looking for some control points, placed along the slopes on the ground.

Mountain bike orienteering-MTB-O

We walk the roads and paths marked on paper. A bike-orienteer must interpret with accuracy and speed the various solutions that the track has to reach different control points.

Orientation-TRAIL-O Trail

The trail orientation, which is also called precision orientation, requires precise knowledge of cartography skills. Adapts to the practice even for those with limited dexterity, such as people with disabilities.

Discover Orienteering

Come and discover us and contact us for further information!
A new opportunity to have fun in a healthy and smart.

The sport of Woods, for all tastes and ages. For school, business, tourist, sportsman.
All rights reserved.
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