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Consortium Asiago cheese PDO

Alm associated and authorized to produce Asiago cheese PDO

Malga II Lotto Marcesina

Malga II Lotto Marcesina is located in the territory of Enego,more precisely in the heart of the Plain of Marcesina (in Merck-wisen cimbro), known as"The Finland of Italy"for its orography and harsh climate.

The hut is surrounded by green pastures characterized by numerous stones,debris derived from the melting of the glaciers and that once the Malghesi had the task of removing from the ground and then amassing them in one place, forming the walls that still act as a border between the huts.
It offers an excellent starting point for wonderful itineraries that can be easily traveled on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike.

In the summer you can buy cheeses and products for sale directly at the hut.

Malga II Lotto Marcesina is also associated with the Consortium for the protection of Asiago PDO cheese.

The hut is open until Sunday 3 October 2021

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History and tradition

The Malga II Lotto Marcesina has a very long tradition,for generations the family of managers carries on the craft of the Malghese and breeder on theAsiago Plateau.

The ancestors began in the early 1800s with herds of sheep,but over the years they converted cattle farming as more profitable for trade with other basic necessities and began to transform milk.

Cheese production

Here the cows (each of which has a name depending on their personality and are mostly of The Bruna, Frisona and Red Pezed)are free to feed with thegrass and flowers that they like the most: this is precisely what makes the cheese produced by the farm really special, with different color and flavor depending on the period.

In particular, the cheese is produced with the raw milk of two milkings.

The one in the evening is skimmed (from this outcrop cream comes a butter of deep yellow color) and then added to the morning in the copper boiler,where it is hand-crafted; after the cheese is processed with the remaining serum, a delicious ricottais produced.
The milk is processed from June to October, the seasoning continues in the winter months in Enego,where the managers of the farm have their own workshop.

Find out more about ASIAGO DOP

The Malga II Lotto Marcesina is associated with the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium,ensuring that the Asiago cheese produced is DOP.
The Protected Origin Designation (DOP) is a guarantee of excellence bestowed by the European Union on a agri-food product.
In the case of Asiago cheese, it indicates that its qualities are mainly due to the geographical environment in which it is produced,including natural and human factors, and that its production, processing and processing takes place exclusively in the area of origin. Only the DOP is real Asiago cheese!

  • Product sales service hours
  • HOURS: MON-SUN 10.00 - 12.00 | 14.00 - 20.00
  • CLOSED: Open every day


  • Altitude 1320 meters s.l.m.

Reachability of the hut

  • Reachable by mixed road (asphalt and dirt)
  • Road normally driveable
  • Unreachable in case of snowfall
  • The road in case of snow is closed for the passage of the ski slopes


  • Parking near the farmhouse

Opening period / Seasonality

  • Open only in the summer season

Productions with direct sales

  • Cheese Asiago DOP
  • Sales of products to the public

Payment Methods

  • Cash


  • Animals allowed, dogs on a leash
  • Environment equipped for the handicapped