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Refuges and Chalets

Refuge Malga Ronchetto

Rifugio Malga Ronchetto

Located at 1330 meters above sea level.m. The Malga Ronchetto Refuge is immersed in the natural context of one of the most beautiful and magical places that the Asiago Plateau has to offer its visitors: the Piana di Marcesina. In this special and unique place you can find different paths for walks or excursions within everyone's reach, even by e-bike.

At the Rifugio Malga Ronchetto you can stop for a snack based on cold cuts and cheeses from the highlands or even for lunch and dinner to taste the typical dishes of the tradition of the Asiago plateau.

At the Ristorante del Rifugio are in fact served genuine dishes cooked with quality raw materials and everything is prepared at home with seasonal products: from fresh pasta to dumplings, from polenta to tasty sauces.

In this family-run refuge you can really rediscover the authentic flavors of the mountains of the Asiago Plateau 7 Municipalities.

The refuge does not have guest rooms, so it is not possible to stay overnight.

Cold cuts and cheeses platter of the Rifugio Malga Ronchetto Restaurant
The family of Vanni and Giada of the Restaurant Rifugio Malga Ronchetto

The Plain of Marcesina

Known for the particularly cold temperatures reached in winter and for its peculiar vegetation, the Piana di Marcesina is a place that allows you to immerse yourself in absolute relaxation, which only contact with nature can give. It is a plateau extended for 15 km² at an average altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.m.

In this locality there is a vegetation of important naturalistic interest. Here, in fact, there are two peat bogs and rare carnivorous plants. In Marcesina the fauna is also particularly rich: walking it is easy to meet roe deer, deer, foxes, badgers and other mountain dwellers.

The Piana di Marcesina in summer is the optimal place for summer grazing, as well as ideal for mountain biking or long walks. During the winter, however, the area is crossed by cross-country ski trails.

Marcesina was one of the areas of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities where the First World War took place, and of the war events it still has many signs and testimonies, such as the Church of San Lorenzo and the war cemetery

Also very interesting is the Cave of Ernesto which testifies to the presence and habits of prehistoric men who inhabited the area thousands of years ago.

Webcam Live

Thanks to the live webcams of Asiago.it you can stay updated on what is happening in real time in various areas of the Plateau, in all seasons.
Watch the live webcams to find out what is happening at the Rifugio Malga Ronchetto, to see what the weather is like right now , to check the snow situation or simply to enjoy the beautiful highland views .

Live Webcam from Rifugio Malga Ronchetto

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