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E-bike: biking on the Asiago plateau ... even if you're not an athlete

Published 23 Jun 2016 - 12.48
Escursione in ebike sull altopiano

You can discover and enjoy the country even if you are not very fit: that's the beauty of e-bikes, pedelec!

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 18 giugno 2016
  • The article is based on the number of fortnightly Saturday June 18, 2016 Plateau, available in all newsstands of the plateau.
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Discover and enjoy the country riding a bicycle makes enjoying better the environment, allows to observe what is around us and to stop everywhere. Advancing cycling even on roads and mountain paths now is a chance become easier for everyone, e-bike, or the electric pedal bike that are becoming more and more.

It's not just a fad but a new way of understanding the bike, especially the mountain bike, which also allows the less sporty and less trained to use this medium for exercise compared to their ability, in close contact with nature.
Unlike what you may think, the e-bike is not some kind of scooter, riding too but when you feel the need you can decide to do less work.

In an area like ours, the e-bike can represent in terms of tourist offer an important added value, to be matched to the attractiveness of the landscape and historical. A tendency to be promoted, encouraging the visitor to move to healthier on alternate routes, for the benefit of their well-being and respect for the environment. These are the reasons that have led some fans to create a specific offer which includes the hire andservice of bicycles, the possibility of making tours accompanied by a guide with license, or simply to receive adequate information on trails and paths from the area knows him well. Bibike Asiago is the name of the company that aims to work alongside the receptive structures of the territory, but also the administrations wishing to test this possibility for special guests, such as journalists from magazines or sites, that could describe, after having lived.

"Our idea -explain Leonardo Longhi and Jacopo Star - is to make accessible the mountain biking even to those who are not sporty, offering a specific service, all year round. In addition to classic mountain bike, we have a good number of latest generation electric mountain bikes and of excellent quality, resistant and suitable for use even on gravel. We aim to offer a service either directly to the tourist accommodations like hotels, which without incurring direct expenditure for the purchase of bicycles, leaning on us may still include in its offer that opportunity. Always together with hoteliers and tour operators, we intend to promote a complete offer linked to the world of bike, participating in fairs or events. We are convinced of the great potential that can get an offer like that, than in other tourist spots exist, successfully, for some time. City people are accustomed to ride my bicycle, and find the opportunity to move around on two wheels, even when on holiday privileging the outdoorsy, is a growing trend. Electric pedal bikes, anyone can get help from the most demanding and exhausting electric motor on stretches of our mountain roads, experiencing those emotions that only givesthe bike ".

Silvana Bortoli

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