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For the summer you give Gallium alarm: many initiatives for the country

Published 22 Jul 2015 - 10.14

Gallio giro Medio Brenta

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 18 luglio 2015
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We are now in the middle of summer and like every year, thePlateau that sees in tourism a fundamental resource is filled with visitors, many visitors who come here to learn about our beauty or to rediscover the eight municipalities taking advantage of second homes. Along with Emanuele Munari, Mayor of Gallium we took stock of the situation.

"The summer season is now officially game – says the Mayor- and the first signs there seems to be a marked contrast from last year. Also good weather that favored this season and that bodes well for the continuation, but that must not be the only reason for attendance on the plateau. We cannot hope, because over time. not enough!".

A critical view of the first citizen of gallium which looks beyond, perhaps with only the summer of 2014, who scored a record of rainy days here on the plateau.

"For this year -says Munari- many initiatives are put into place to entertain guests. Despite umpteen linear current spending cuts, to about 180,000 euro Gallium, we were able to plan a season I would say good under every point of view.".

The season has already begun and the first events were held with more or less positive outcomes, in the case of Gallium on July 12 was held an important event.

"For the first time ever -said the Mayor- we hosted the arrival of professional bicycle race" Middle Brenta ", with a circuit of 3 laps on our territory and its arrival in the Centre of Gallium. A great success that we will definitely repeat. "

This sports competition which this year celebrated the 30th anniversary, is a race that sees racers competing international Elite category 1.2 – Under-23 The Fast Club Villa del Conte, he arranged the arrival in gallium, after the departure from traditional Villa del Conte (Padua) and the Citadel, finally, after climbing on our mountains with a circuit of 3 rounds.

Not only cycling, but also Speedskating and football: "for the first time will host the ice hockey speed National of Austria and Germany, in addition to the reaffirmation of our country, always at the sports center of Busa. The Milan Camp this year will bring 140 children and well its families in our country, despite Red Pine has tried, in vain, to bring away from Gallium this initiative in favor of Croce Bianca Asiago. For this serious episode, I congratulate him and his comrades!"

"A novelty concerns the use of Santa's House for a new project, as the basis of departure and arrival of the Plateau that will accompany our guests to the various excursions. To this we added, always to the gardens of Gallio, the possibility to rent bicycles or mountain bikes, including those with pedal assistance for those who don't want to make too much effort, thanks to the agreement with thenineteenth century Association percent! In addition to the instructorsOrieteering Asiago! We have actually revived the Centre!"

Very proud of the first results of this renewal the first citizen continues: "The Pakstall tennis Centre is reopened with bar service and a Centre for this purpose ASD tennis Gallium is dawning in order to get the approval of our fields from the National tennis Federation, then enter our facility in Federal and national circuit.".

In the mountains then can not miss the walks and excursions that are great attractions: "We provided for the redevelopment of several trails in order to present to our guests the best of the best. As for the entertainment you have to retrieve a valuable service with the reopening of cinema, already much appreciated by tourists these days, with screenings in conjunction with the Lux cinema of Asiago and gallium Film Festival. This important collaboration will bring its goodfruits ".

Essential for tourism as well as events and initiatives are the operators, direct contact with guests: "After 5 years of the previous Administration's political slumber, on our warm invitation, we managed to bring together in a single table of comparison all traders and hoteliers of gallium, which in turn have, at last, a new Board and elected their new President. We have strongly backed this step because we believe that our operators need to shift gears and become increasingly active. In this regard, I recall that two months we are still waiting, just by themselves, the proposals on how to spend the additional figure of 4,500 euros, made available by the municipal administration for events or events more congenial. With the hope of being able to review our open business, maybe up to 22.00 during the summer, to help make our country more alive and our Center! Give a sign of life together for our guests!".


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