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The flag of the world will March from Gallio in Asiago

Published 13 Mar 2018 - 12.19
Tricolore più lungo del mondo in sfilata

The parade will take place on Saturday 2 June 2018, on the occasion of Republic day

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After marching to Bassano del Grappa in 2016 and in Reggio Emilia in 2017, in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the world's longest tricolorFlag, designed and implemented by theNational Association returning from imprisonment, from internment and war, is preparing to embrace symbolically the plateau.

Within the period of the first world war centenary, theA.N.R. P., in conjunction with the Lions Club "Modena Estense", thought to promote
three major events to be held in three different cities, in order to pay tribute to all the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives, to awaken an interest in knowledge of the roots of Italiannational identity and theattachment to the Flag symbol of the Fatherland and to stimulate the local and national community the sense of belonging to Italy.
It is in this spirit that the two associations have identified for the third stage the military shrine of Asiago plateau and our community.

The proposal was met with positivity and self-pride choosing as optimal date the day of Republic day, the afternoon of Saturday, June 2, highly significant date which stresses that the tricolor flag is the heritage of all Italians and not a single political conception and that the Republican Constitution is based and address of our civil society.

The joint organization of the event sees active parts the Anrp with the Lions Club "Modena Estense", the municipalities of Asiago and Gallium with the section "Monte Ortigara"
of Anas and the support of army associations and Union Montana "Dear Regency of the seven towns".
The purpose was constituted a "Tricolour Committee", headed by General Bruno Loi and by Councillor Clare Stefani, as a body to carry out all necessary actions for the planning and execution of this big event.

The Tricolor flag is 1,797 metres long, as the year in which it was conceived in Reggio Emilia (7 January 1797). It is 4.80 metres wideacetate, has an area of 8,626 square meters, weighs 5 tons and to support him during the journey requires minimum of 1000 volunteers.
Will March from Gallium, starting at 15 by the monument "To here do not pass" (Crossroads Melette), until Asiago, (at the end of Via Dante, Via Scattered), where thearriving to the 18.30/19.00.


Provide your name

For the success of large and significant event, to walk together holding the Drape tricolor, it appeals to all people , regardless of nationality, gender, age, political or religious beliefs, skin color, signifying the unity, cohesion and solidarity as well as the desire for peace of the people around the Italian Tricolour and commemorate the fallen.

It appeals to all Councilors of the 8 municipalities, associations and groups (Army associations, sports clubs, cultural associations, committees, Clubs, Scouts, eociali service and school leaders, teachers and students) .

All those wishing to participate as rulers unthreading, individuals or representatives of associations and groups (on behalf of its individual members), are invited as of now to communicate the names and references to theOffice Tourism and culture of the municipality of Asiago over a telephone 0424-460003 as follows:

Monday to Friday: 11.00-12.30 hours
-Thursday: 15.00-17.00

or preferably via email at asiagoturismo@comune.asiago.vi.it.

As for large occasions, citizenship is invited to expose their homes the Italian flag as a sign of celebration and participation.


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