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Orienteering Championships: Asiago, Gallio between racing seats

Published 23 Jun 2014 - 12.54
Comitato organizzatore Campionati mondiali di Orienteering

Orienteering Championships: Asiago, Gallio between the seats of races, from 5 to 12 July between Veneto and Trentino, enrolled 500 athletes from 54 countries

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About 500 athletes from 54 countries will from 5 to July 12 next to the absolute World Championships in Orienteering (WOC) and Trail Orienteering (WTOC, also open to the disabled) that, for the first time in the history of these specialties, will take place in Italy, Trentino and Veneto: Venice and the island of Burano, where the Championship will kick off, Trento, Gallium, Asiago, Alberè di Tenna, Levico Terme, Luserna and Lavarone, where the competitions will end.

At WOC and WTOC will Crown the 5 Days Of Italy, free participation in competitions for athletes with no age limit, nor "bottom" or "top", which will see engaged other 2 thousand competitors.

Content, program and expectations of large planetary event of this specialty were presented Wednesday, 18 in Venice by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Peter Mazzeni andregional tourism Councillor Marino Finozzi, among others the President of CONI regional Gianfranco Bardell, theassessor sport del Comune di Asiago Franco Saddle and Mauro Gazzerro national specialty representative (for which Bardell has hoped that become autonomous Federation and Olympic sport) and two athletes, Alessio Telani Italian and Austrian Gernot Kerschbaumer, in Venice to try the "terrain".

"The Veneto, which this initiative collaborates with the Trentino – recalled Finozzi – hto convinced married the orienteering World Cup, representing an extraordinary opportunity to acquaint our wonderful territory in all participating countries. The racing mode, moreover, also represent a perfect expression of that "slow" tourism we promote for years: is a specialty that is close to nature and the land, which features the full respect and its sustainability. I want to remember – he concluded – that sport can be attributed to about 3 per cent of GDP created in our region".

The numbers of athletes and countries represented in this world are among the highest ever registered so far. The races will be followed by 60 journalists accredited by broadcasters that transmit live too, even in a period that coincides with the World Cup. Theorienteering Telani , defined sport that is practiced with her legs above her head, was born in Scandinavia and has since spread throughout the world. In Italy it is mainly the Northeast to make the lion's share in terms of number of students.
This specialty plans to reach several points marked on a map of race, in environments like forests but also in the city, without a default route: the choice is the athlete and his intuition. Officially recognized disciplines inorienteering are: Foot Orienteering or Orientation Race, Mountain Bike Orienteering, Ski Orienteering , and Trail Orienteering, also known as precision Orientation.

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