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Ortigara Cake - Pasticceria Carli

Torta Ortigara - Pasticceria Carli

The Carli Bakery,with more than a century of history, represents a real institution for Asiago. Founded in 1909 by sisters Susanna and Caterina Carli,who opened theSisters Carliin Asiago, where they produced various types of pastas and cakes, including a dessert of their own invention,made of simple and genuine ingredients.

It was in 1920, on the occasion of the first Alpine gathering, that that dessert, much appreciated by customers, took the name "TORTA ORTIGARA"®,in memory of the toughest battle fought in the mountains of the Asiago Plateau during the First World War.

A few years later, at the International Exhibition Art Trade Science Industry in Rome Giovanni Carli,joined by his sisters in the management of the family business, received the Insigne Cross and the Gold Medal in the specialty "Paste and Sweets" with the Ortigara Cake®.

And this was but the first of many accolades that this simple and inimitable dessert has earned over the years. In addition to being mentioned in the most prestigious national guides and newspapers (such as the Express, Republic, Corriere del Veneto, Slow Food, etc.), in particular the Ortigara Cake® has been included by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy in the list of Traditional Agricultural Products.

Continuing the activity were Giovanni's daughters, Paola and Franca,and now their daughters and grandchildren,who still carry on the family's business and confectionery tradition with passion and commitment.

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Pasticceria Carli
The Carli Pastry

The Carli Pastry has two outlets with café in the center of Asiago:one smaller in Piazza II- Risorgimento at number 30 and the other more spacious in Course IV November at number 22. Both the cozy shops have recently been renovated and renovated with modern taste but at the same time respectful of tradition.

Here you can buy and enjoy not only the famous Ortigara Cake®,but also many other sweets of own production,all made with strictly selected Italian ingredients from either the Highland territory or the main locations of production excellence.

In the premises of the Carli pastry shop in Asiago, it is pleasant to sit in the inner halls or at the tables outside to enjoy, in total relaxation, the delicious pastries, biscuits, brioches and cakes of own production (meringue, Sacher, apple strudel, etc.), with the accompaniment of the aroma of a good coffee,a delicious cappuccino or a delicious chocolate. Both outlets are, in fact, also bar/café,where you can enjoy a gluttonous breakfast,an aperitif or a drink in company.

Torta Ortigara
The Ortigara Cake


Torta Ortigara della Pasticceria Carli
The Ortigara Cake® of carli Pastry

Ortigara Cake® is a seemingly simple dessert, because its ingredients are simple: wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar, almonds, aromas. In fact, in order for its dough to be of the right softness and fragrance, these ingredients must be expertly chosen, dosed and processed. And this is a secret that only the Carli Pastry holds: therefore, always, every attempt at imitation perpetrated was in vain and the copies were never up to the original.

The special recipe of the Ortigara Cake®, protected by patent,has earned it the inclusion by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy in a narrow list of typical products to be safeguarded in Italy in the confectionery sector.

The Ortigara Cake® is considered to be the typical Asiago dessert. It is a dry but fluffy cake,which is sold in three sizes (500 g, 750 g and 1 kg), has a height of about three centimeters and on the outside it is presented with a tender light brown crust. It keeps soft and fragrant for the first 30/40 days of preparation, and then dries progressively: the dessert becomes ideal to be soaked.

Before enjoying the Ortigara Cake® can be sprinkled with icing sugar.