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The Plain of Marcesina seen from above almost a year after Storm Vaia

Video sui danni di Vaia sulla Piana di Marcesina

Drone video on the Marcesina Plain, featuring images of the devastation left by Cyclone Vaia

On 29 October 2018 theAsiago Plateau - like many other mountainous areas of the Triveneto - was hit hard by Storm Vaia,with torrential rain and wind gusts at more than 170 km/h.
Thousands of trees were broken and fallen to the ground, for an environmental devastation not seen since the Great War, when the bombings razed thousands of hectares of alpine forests.

The Marcesina Plain was one of the areas hardest hit by the storm, with 800,000 cubic meters of timber falling to the ground.

Today, the restoration and cleaning of the forests and the paths that run through them continues intensively.

This video, made by Riccardo Ferro on August 24, 2019,tells us through impressive footage from above what the situation is like on the Marcesina Plain, almost a year after the tragic event.


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