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Webcam Asiago Plateau

Live webcam from Asiago overlooking Interrupted and trail to the Pond Light

Live view on the surroundings of Asiago, overlooking Monte Rasta, Monte Interrupted, Loudly Interrupted and pond Light

The real time webcam Asiago.it


One look at this live webcam overlooking the pastures and mountains in the surroundings of Asiago and was immediately transported to a dimension of nature, peace and relaxation.

The live webcam, installed with the collaboration of the municipality of Asiago, offers a magnificent view in real time on the enchanting landscapes which surround the city centre, between pastures, contrade and gentle slopes.

On sunny days, between the thick forest of Monte Interrupted (on the right), you can see check the eponymous Fort.
Military barracks used during the great war and recently restored, the Strong Interrupted has the appearance that looks more like that of a medieval castle, with stone walls, arches, Tower and moat.
His particular name derives obviously from the mountain above which is built, the Mount Interrupted, which in turn takes its name from the italianisation of the term cimbro "Hinterrucks", or "Mount North".
The Strong Interrupted you can reach on foot from the Centre of Camporovere, with a quiet walk which offers, among other things, a charming view over the plain of Asiago.

Another popular destination for tourists and the plateau's themselves, which can be seen among the firs centered in the scene, is the pond Light.
In spring and summer, it is really pleasant to sit on the benches along its banks to admire the surrounding landscape, regenerating under the trees; in the fall, is a feast for the eyes and heart with all those colors; While in winter, with snow and icy waters, turns into a romantic and picturesque scenery.
Reach the pond Lumera di Asiago is really simple: with your back to the Duomo, Via Oberdan, you take the first street on your left and follow directions. A pleasant walk of a few minutesi, along a dirt road flanked by typical "laste" (stoan platten) and killed both by a long row of poplars, will take you in minutes to the pond.

Comune di AsiagoWebcams of Asiago.it in collaboration with the municipality of Asiago

View of the pastures and mountains around Asiago

Asiago is a charming and lively mountain town in the province of Vicenza, situated onAltopiano dei Sette Comuni, of which it is the main centre.

Is a very popular tourist destination , ideal place to spend a holiday in the mountains with his family, in couple or with friends.
Here fun, relaxation, sport, culture and history blend together for an unforgettable stay.

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Webcam con vista su Lumera e Forte Interrotto

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