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Forts and Museums

Enego's Scaligera Tower

Torre Scaligera

The Scaligera Tower is located in St. Mark's Square in the center of the village of Enego.

The tower, about 22 meters high, is the only one left intact of the four original towers placed at the corners of the square-shaped castle erected by the Veronesi Scaligeri (Cangrande Della Scala) in the fourteenth century AD.

The only medieval building present throughout the Asiago Plateau Seven municipalities, has survived over the years of bombing and catastrophic events and unquestionably represents, together with the Cathedral of St. Justin, the symbol of Enego.

It is already visible going up to Enego from the road that comes from Valsugana, through the hamlet of Fosse.

The tower is open to the public at set times:the visit allows you to get to the top of the tower and enjoy the majestic view visible from up there. Climb the four flights of stairs that lead to its summit, the view is priceless: the view ranges from Mount Lisser with the eponymous fort of the Great War, to the Brenta Canal,to the Feltrine Peaks, to the Pale di San Martino,to the Bellunesi Dolomites,to the Valbelluna, to the Mountains ofthe Alpago and then to rest on the Grappa Massif.

Inside the Scaligera Tower, on whose top stands out, carved on a stone, the coat of arms of the Scaligeri,there is a historical museum containing archaeological, geological, medieval and other objects of more recent eras.

The permanent exhibition inside the tower

Il museo intero alla Torre Scaligera di Enego

Inside the Scaligera Tower, available to visitors, the permanent historical exhibition,organized on three floors, created and created by thehistorical and cultural association "From Brenta to the Ortigara".

The exhibition boasts archaeological, geological, medieval and war relics:Enego, in fact, is a land of history and prehistory, and traces of ancient inhabitants and ancient glaciers have been found everywhere in its territory, in addition to the more recent ones left by the Great War.

The Castle Scaligero and the Tower of Bastìa: why did Enego have two castles?

The Scaligera Tower panoramic view
La Torre Scaligera vista panoramica

An initial historical and geographical framing of the area allows us to understand the reasons that led to the construction of several castles and fortresses and the importance that they held.

Due to its geophysical shape, the Brenta Valley was immediately identified as a "strong step" and the complexes built along its slopes constituted the so-called " brentcanal lock".

That is why at the point where the valley becomes narrower and deeper, and where it was therefore easier to control people and goods, there are some strategic complexes: the Butistone Covolo (on the left side of the valley) and the Shed at the Serbian Pala (on the right side of the valley). Above the latter, at the end of the Plateau, was built the Castel dei Meci,or Bastìa,and in the village of Enego the Castle; on the road leading to Feltre stood the Castle of La Scala.

The Brenta River from the 14th century became, in fact, a natural and strategic communication route for the transport of rafts loaded with timber from the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities and destined for the construction sites of the Lagoon. The waterway was also flanked by anancient road of purely commercial character, probably of Roman origin, which represented an alternative to other traditional connections, such as the Claudia Augusta Altinate and theOpitergium Tridentum.

Days and opening hours

In January 2023

  • Sunday 15 – 22 – 29 from 10:00 to 12:00

TENNIS COURT RENTAL (located in Via Zante)

Every day from April 23rd to October 30th by booking and paying the ticket at the newsstand "Da Azzurra" in Piazza del Popolo

It is always possible to book guided tours every day by contacting the Pro Loco of Enego on the CONTACTS page.

The Scaligera Tower and the Square of Enego

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