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City of Rotzo - Plateau of Asiago 7 Comuni

ROTZO-Tranquility in close contact with nature. The small municipality of Asiago plateau offers typical local products and many places of historical and cultural interest

Rotzo - Altopiano di Asiago Rotzo, Cimbrian language Rotz, is a small village, located at 939 m s.l.m., which preserves intact the charm of the mountain village. Is located in the westernmost part of theAsiago plateau, which is considered the first human settlement.

Its territory, which faces South onto Val d Assa and West over Val d'astico and is protected to the North by the Venetian Prealps, extends to include the two picturesque villages of Castelletto and Albaredo.

For its small size and location of the largely flat, Rotzo is the ideal destination for mountain lovers and want to enjoy the peace in close contact with nature.

Rotzo, with the Centro Fondo Campolongo, offers in winter well 100 miles of beautiful trails for Nordic skiing, a paradise for lovers of this sport.

In summer, then there is certainly the possibility to live the mountain, thanks to the numerous itineraries, all the difficulties, to go walking or mountain biking amidst the natural beauty and historic sites.
Every first Sunday of September in the village feast of Rotzo Potato, a popular type of mountain potatoes feature.



This small Church, located between Rotzo and Castelletto, is considered the oldest building in Christian worship ofthe seven Municipalities Plateau. It is believed in fact to have been built around the year 1000.


About Bostel Hill, which rises South of Castellettoyou can visit theArcheopercorso of Bostel, a prehistoric village dating back tothe iron age, discovered in 1739 by local farmers and subjected to recovery and restoration work since the 90 's. The Bostel you can visit the archaeological excavations and the interesting reconstruction of a primitive log cabin.


A short distance from punta Altaburg (1301 m ASL), where locals have erected a cross, is a giant boulder that protrudes above the precipice below, which seems to be on the verge of plunging (1334 m above sea level). This huge stone, for its unusual appearance, reminiscent of the shape of an altar and this was called Altar knotto, meaning "stone altar". From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view on the surrounding mountains.


Theknotto Altar, continuing on the right, you will reach theHigh Kugela (1400 m s.l.m.), a unique natural rock shelter which gave shelter to soldiers during the great war.


Small but enchanting waterfalls of Pach, which can be reached through a path along steep but not immersed in the Woods, are a must for a trip in close contact with nature.


Finished renovation in 2009, Strong Campolongo, lies on the Summit of Top Campolongo. The fortress, which was part of the strong line of World War I, is animposing defensive building integrated into the mountain, which is accessed through a long tunnel carved into the rock.

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