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Routes on the Great War

Excursions and itineraries on the sites of the great war

Routes and historical itineraries of the Altopiano di Asiago

The centenary of the great war to the Asiago plateau

The routes on the great war sites prepared for you by Asiago.it. Gorges of the plateau directly affected by the events of World War I, often marked indelibly.

Each route has a detailed description, indication of the degree of difficulty and many breathtaking photos. The paths shown are passable on foot (and often also in mountain biking).

From 23 May until 11 November 2015 2018, the Altopiano di Asiago is preparing to celebrate the centenary of the great war with a series of events and offers that give the opportunity to know and remember ...

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Treschè Conca excursion route - CAI 804 - Fort Corbin - Treschè Conca

forte corbin altopiano asiago

Corbin Fort Route PATH FEATURES Easy loop route from the church of Treschè Conca to Fort Corbin,the largest great war fortress in the Plateau. The wonderful landscapes between which the trail develops and the visit to the fort make this itinerary interesting both from a natural and historical point of view, giving the hiker who travels it a truly unique experience. Overall, the route winds both on paved and dirt roads. Hiking shoes and long trousersare still recommended, as at certain times of …

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Treschè Conca - Fort Corbin - Monte Cengio - Treschè Conca

strapiombo sulla pianura vicentina

Route Forte Corbin - Mount Cengio PATH FEATURES This easy ring itinerary,starting and arriving at Treschè Conca,takes the hiker to discover places of great historical interest,linked to the wartime events of the Great War: Fort Corbin and Mount Cengio. Theroute to punta Corbin Fort is signposted and the fund is in good condition until the Fort, which has recently been renovated. Even in the rest of the route the trail is generally in good condition. The route as a whole winds both on paved and …

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Route to Portule Mouth

bocchetta Portule bigthumb

FEATURES OF THE TRAIL From the prohibition of transit at the start, the bottom is in excellent condition, to the sighting of the bastion of the Bocchetta, where the path looks a bit stony and uphill, but, after all, it is just a long walk! HOW TO GET TO THE STARTING POINT From the intersection of the Millepini Park (located at the entrance to Asiago) you take the provincial 349 to Trento; 12 km from Asiago takes the road to Larici / Portule on the right. ITINERARIO: Portule mouth Technical guid…

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Itinerary For Mountain Bike (MTB) Cesuna - Monte Cengio - Forte Corbin

forte corbin

Fort Corbin Beautiful and panoramic itinerary that leads to Monte Cengio, where you can visit the perching road overlooking the plain and the Corbin Fort, one of the most important forts of theAsiago Plateau. The climb, not too demanding because almost all asphalt, gives the itinerary an average level of difficulty. ITINERARY (MTB) : Cesuna - Monte Cengio - Forte Corbin Technical indications Length: 22 Km Difference in height: 530 mt. Maximum altitude: 1287 mt Difficulty: AVERAGE Travel time: 2…

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Excursion itinerary from Osteria Fontanella to Monte Corno

monumento caduto ignoto per liberta monte corno thumb 250

Monument to the Unknown Fallen on Mount Corno INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY This pleasant and undemanding hike takes place between the rounded tops of the mountain range that, with an east-west axis, border the Asiago concato the south, separating it from the plain. The shallow valleys that rise from the north interlayer the peaks overlook, high on the southern escarpment of the massif, with the "vents", always transit routes betweenthe Plateau of the Seven Municipalities and the Venetian Plain…

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Hike on Mount Corno

monte corno monumento ai caduti thumb 250

Mount Corno In the southern partof the Asiago Plateau is the village of Lusiana (750 m above.m sea level) which has a territory crossed by wide valleys with streams and streams at the lowest altitudes and typical Alpine environments at the highest altitudes. To the north of the town we find Monte Corno (1383 m above.m sea level) where together with the naturalistic landscape you can observe both centuries-old anthropogenic activities related to the pasture and testimonies of the Great War such …

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Route from Campolongo Refuge to Forte Campolongo

a42 resti di fureria alloggio soldati etc

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TRAIL The piazzale Rifugio Campolongo is also the starting point. The itinerary for the Fort is well marked and for an attack just before the Refuge, left, with no entry. Bottom in great condition, up to the Fort just renovated. HOW TO REACH THE STARTING POINT ROUTE: from Rifugio Campolongo to strong Campolongo Technical indications Level of difficulty: Easy Difference in altitude: 180 metres Elevation min: 1549 m above sea level Max elevation: 1720 m above sea level Leng…

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Water Trail – Sweet Mobility Path Enego-Valdifabbro-Coste-Valdicina-Enego

sentiero acqua2

Water Trail – Enego ITINERARIO: Water Trail - Enego Technical guidance Degree of difficulty: Easy Length: 7.0km Positive difference: 259m Maximum altitude: 782m above all Minimum altitude: 728m above all Travel time (approximately): 2h 50min Suitable for: Family, Trekking, Nordic-walking, Running What to see: The districts of Valdifabbro and Coste, the cave of Val Dicina, the view of the Brenta Canal Fund: Asphalt road, dirt road and trail PATH FEATURES The Water Trail,one of the beautiful gent…

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Trail of the Fort – Sweet Enego-Coldarco Mobility Path of Sub-Fosse-Enego

sentiero forte1

Fort Trail - Enego ITINERARIO: Fort Trail - Enego Technical guidance Degree of difficulty: Easy Length: 6.4km Positive difference: 444m Maximum altitude: 839m above all Minimum altitude: 568m above all Travel time (approximately): 2h 50min Suitable for: Family, Trekking, Nordic-walking, Trailrunning What to see: Coldarco di Mezzo's contrada, The Coldarco Fort, the Piovega mule Fund: Paved road, dirt road, path, and paved mule PATH FEATURES it is an itinerary full of curiosities and fascinating …

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Tour excursion Le Contrade di Conco

vista della valle da conco thumb 250

Panorama from Conco HOW TO GET TO THE STARTING POINT OF THE ROUTE The route starts from the center of Fontanelle,a hamlet of conco Municipality, easily accessible from Asiago following the directions to Conco/Bassano. When you arrive near the centre, you can park your car in the square or in the adjacent areas. ITINERARY: Conco's districts Technical guidance Degree of difficulty: medium-easy Difference: 200m Walking time: 2 hours Means: walking ROUTE DESCRIPTION From the center of Fontanelle we…

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Basa Senocio Crossroads Route in Monte Meatta and Bocchetta Portule

malga portula con dorsale del meatta e pozza thumb 250

Malga Portule and Meatta Dorsal INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY The starting point of the itinerary can be reached by car from Asiago in the direction of Trento. Past Camporovere and the Val d'Assa, continue on the provincial road for about five kilometres, reaching the area of thedirt road that branches to the right in the direction of Galmarara (indicator sign not clearly visible). You take this road that goes up to half-coast on the south side of the Val Scaletta until you reach the valley flo…

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Route hike Cima Larici - Cima Mandriolo

cima mandriolo con vista levico e caldonazzo thumb 250

Panoramic view of Levico and Caldonazzo HOW TO GET TO THE STARTING POINT From the center of Asiago you proceed by car following the directions to Trento – Camporovere, left the center of the latter after a few kilometers along the provincial road turns right towards Larici – Val Formica. Traveled the road at hairpin bends, at the junction you keep the right where you can park your car on the roadside or in the vicinity of Larici Refuge. ITINERARY: Larici-Mandriolo Technical guidance Degree of D…

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Route excursion on Mount Cornone

panorama dal monte cornone su fiume brenta thumb 250

Panoramic view of Brenta INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY Foza,as well as the entirePlateau of the Seven Municipalities,was completely upset by the First World War. Everywhere are still clearly evident the signs left by more than four years of fighting, including the area of Mount Cornone: although semi unknown to most, it has coated, even as recently emerged after the new publication of Paolo Volpato "On theedge of the abyss" one of the strategically importantpoints of the Italian front . This im…

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Red-Echar-Bertigo-Ronco Carbon Ronco Carbon Excursion

valbella da col del rosso thumb 250

Valbella da Col del Rosso INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY TheAsiago Plateau Seven Municipalities as known is seen by the presence of numerous areas that were the scene of the Great War. The route we propose passes through the places where the Battle of the Three Mountains was bloody fought between the end of 1917 and 1918. In particular, the excursion that starts from the parking lot of the Valbella ski lifts in The Ronco Carbon Resort in Gallio,passes first on the side of Mount Valbella and then…

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Itinerary excursion to Bivio Italia and Campo Gallina di Galmarara

campo gallina al galmarara thumb 250

Galmarara Hen Field INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY This path winds on a false arid and petrose plateau in the heart of the so-called "high zone" north of the Asiago conca where the upper peaks of the Plateauare located. The environment is covered with pre-alpine pastures alternating with outcropling rocks and mugheta. Of particular interest is the presence of numerous karst phenomena represented by large sinkholes, deep chasms and "furrowed fields". Walking you can not help but notice the beauti…

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Val Magnaboschi excursion route - Monte Zovetto

panorama da zovetto su altopiano thumb 250

Panoramic INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY ITINERARY: Val Magnaboschi - Mount Zovetto Technical guidance Degree of difficulty: easy Difference: 150m Altitude-min: 1,087m above sea level Maximum altitude:1,232m above sea level Length: 3.6 km (round trip) Walking time: 2 hours Means: walking The whole area that we will visit with this walk is famous for the events that happened here during the First World War,and in particular for having been occupied, starting in March 1918,by the British troops. I…

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Route excursion to Cima XII

cima dodici croce altopiano di asiago thumb 250

Iron Cross Cima XII INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY Cima XII (or Cima Twelve) is also known as Ferrozzo from the Italianization of the name cimbro, Freyjoch which derives from Frey-joch or yoke of Frea (Scandinavian deity to which the name of the mountain had been dedicated. It is the highest peak of the Asiago Plateau Seven Comuni and the entire province of Vicenza with its 2336 metrosand is located in the northern part of the Plateau, on the border with Trentino. In fact, the Cima is partly loc…

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Itinerary for Mount Ortigara, the Calvary of the Alps

monte ortigara colonna mozza thumb 250

INTRODUCTION TO THE ROUTE FOR MOUNT ORTIGARA The itinerary leads to the discovery of one of the most famous places for the rich history of the Asiago Plateau Seven Municipalities. Of different difficulties,it is suitable for visitors who want to spend a day immersed in the history of the Alps during the First World War. The interest is historical for the events of the First World War,of the naturalistic type for the typical lunar environment of the mountain and finally of the wildlife and flori…

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Great War Route: Prunno, San Sisto Ridge, Kaberlaba, Barenthal - Asiago

sentiero settore inglese prunno thumb 250

INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY It takes just a few minutes' drive and a few free hours to be able to immerse yourself in nature,combining a relaxing walk suitable for everyone with the visit of some places, which still bear indelible the signs of the history and culture of the Plateau of theSeven Municipalities. The proposed itinerary will in fact lead us to the discovery of some significant places,linked on the one hand to ancient traditions of thePlateau and that have been in more recent times…

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Route for Excursion on Mount Cengio

Itinerario Monte Cengio largethumb

INTRODUCTION TO THE ROUTE FOR MOUNT CENGIO Among the peculiarities of the territoryof the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities is the historical importance. The route of Mount Cengio leads the hiker to visit one of the most spectacular and significant places of the First World War. The route is ideal for those who want to combine an undemanding route with the visit of a place of high historical value, located in a location from which you can admire one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Pla…

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Itinerary excursion to Cima Portule

panorama mozzafiato dal portule thumb 250

Cima Portule INTRODUCTION TO THE ROUTE The Portule or Pòrtel in Cimbro or German Kempel, is a Ridgeof the Northern Plateau, visible from most of the Asiaghese basin. As in many parts of theAsiago plateau 7 communities even this area has unfortunately been theatre of the great war. The ring route that we propose to pass on places where war Theater were built roads, logistics centers, aqueducts, cable-cars, some of them still visible today. It is an excursion of particular historical relevance an…

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Excursion Malga Fratte - Melette di Foza - Monte Fior (One year on the Plateau)

malga lora cartina ecomuseo sfondo cimitero guerra italiano thumb 250

Itinerary map INTRODUCTION TO THE ITINERARY Between 5 and 8 June 1916 on the acrocoro of the Melettes the four Alpine Battalions "Argentera", "Morbegno", "Val Maira"and"Monviso",part of the "Alpini FozaGroup " and the six Battalions of the 151st and 152nd Infantry Regiment of the "Sassari" Brigade,without any support of artillery, artillery, artillery, They arrested the fierce units of the 6th Imperial Divisionon the last mountain bulwark of Mount Fior and Mount Castelgomberto, including the 27…

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Itinerary for the Calà del Sasso - Asiago Plateau

la cala del sasso altopiano di asiago

The Calà del Sasso di Asiago ITINERARY : Calà del Sasso Technical indications Degree of difficulty: medium-high Difference in altitude: 744 meters Min Altitude: 221 m above sea level Max Altitude: 965 m above sea level Length: ca 7. Miles (one way) Walking time: approx. 3:0 (pace) Media: walk HOW TO REACH THE STARTING POINT To take the downhill route from Asiago to reach the Sasso di Asiago in car following the SP72 towards Bassano del Grappa. Passed the village of Campomezzavia ( 8.5 miles fro…

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