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Mountain Bike Route (MTB) Cesuna - Mount Cengio - Fort Corbin

Forte Corbin

Fort Corbin

Mountain Bike Route (MTB) Cesuna - Mount Cengio - Fort Corbin

Beautiful and scenic route that leads to Mount Cengio, where you can visit the perch road overlooking the plain and the Fort Corbin, one of the most important forts of theAsiago Plateau. The climb, not too demanding because almost all asphalt, gives the route an average level of difficulty.

ITINERARIO (MTB):   Cesuna - Mount Cengio - Fort Corbin
Technical guidance
Length: 22 km
Climbing: 530 meters.
Maximum altitude: 1287 mt
Difficulties: Average
Running time: 2.5 hours


The Route for MTB starts from the forecourt of the former di Cesunastation, a large place to park the car and unload your mountain bikewithout problems. From the forecourt take the ascent leading to the main road to Asiago. Atthe junction with Bar Sport, turn left and head straight for Cesuna Church. After passing the Church, continue to the location called "Diachio". This road is the old connection between the hamlet of Cesuna and Treschè Conca.


The road, after having unezed with awide view of the Asiago Plateau,descends to the first houses of Treschè. Here, on the left you will find a sports field,cross it and descend to an underpass that crosses the highway to Treschè Conca. From here you need to continue to the church that is on the top of an ascent about 1 km long. At the church there is a roundabout on which to turn left in the direction of Fort Corbin.

The paved road rises with a steep but not extreme slope, passing through Malga Ronchetto. Warning:after a few hundred meters, leave out the main road and turn right following the signs to the Gevano Valley. Theindication for this direction is not very visible as it is written on a boulder resting on the ground. The dirt road crosses this small valley with pleasant views.

Always continue straight for about 1.5 km leaving a side to the right indicating the direction to the Fort Corbin,a place that will be the second destination of this itinerary. At the end of this stretch will cross the asphalt of the road leading to Mount Cengio. Turn right and climb up to arrive, first to the Prince Square of Piedmont,and then, after a short descent to the Greed Sanctuary.

Galleria sotto il rif. Granatieri

Gallery under the Greed Sanctuary

From the Greed Shelter you can continue for another 500 meters by making a couple of hairpin bends, to get to the Piazzale Pennella. Here you can leave your mountain bike and continue on foot to the top of Mount Cengio (5 minutes) to admire the view overlooking the plain.

Mount Cengio is a sacred place to the homeland: during the First World War it was the last bastion of defense from the attack of the Austro-Hungarian troops. Here theItalian army suffered heavy losses to stop the enemy's advance towards the plain.

Return to the forecourt, with the bike strictly by hand those who want can walk the perch road that starts from the forecourt with a gallery,   making a sheer path until you reach just a few meters below the Greed Refuge.
Reassemble on the mountain bike, from the Granatieri Refuge return to the Piazzale Principe di Piedmont then turn left to Pra delle Pozze and then to the farmhouse Malga Roccolo.

Strada di arroccamento vista dell'alto

Perch road view of the high

Follow the descent and then the salt-downs,leaving out the side roads that meet until you cross the road leading to Fort Corbin.

Turn left and continue, always remaining on the main road for about 2 km, until you reach the Fort.
The fort can be visited after purchase of the entrance ticket. There is also a small museum and diningoptions.

After the visit, he resumes the road back by retracing the last stretch. Crossed the crossroads from where you had come from before, continue straight until you get to the church of Treschè Conca.

From the church, descend and take the highway leading to Asiago. At the roundabout take a dirt road to the right leading to the two tunnels of the old train road.
Past the tunnels you are in Cesuna,near the Jok Baita and at the starting forecourt.


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