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Typical products

Products typical of the Asiago Plateau and outlets

Typical Products of the Plateau: cheese, honeys, jams and much more

TheAsiago Plateau 7 Communes is a territory full of charm and natural beauty, but also of local artisanal products, genuine and typical of the mountains.

The first that comes to mind is, clearly, the famous Asiago Dop Cheese: fresh, mezzanine, old or old,this natural dairy product, healthy and unmistakable in taste is known and exported all over the world.

But Asiago Cheese is certainly not the only flagship of our agri-food tradition. On the other hand, when tradition and passion for "good and genuine things" meet the freshness of green pastures, the healthy mountain air and the most unspoiled nature can only be born unique products and flavors.

The high value of milk from the pastures of the Plateau, rich, substantial and fragrant, is a guarantee of absolute quality also of all other cheeses (caciotte, sheasel, etc.) and dairy products (butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream), but also meats and cured meats (suppressed, salami, bacon, cotechini, etc.), produced in dairy farms and dairies.

The Asiago Plateau, with its forests, pastures and meadows, where the most valuable floral species flourish, is particularly suitable forbeekeeping. It follows that in our territory various are beekeeping and producers of organic mountain honey,source of healthy calories, yummy and rich property, great for breakfast or a healthy snack and delicious in combination with mature cheeses.

And again we think of the delicious jams made from berries: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, to name just a few.

But it's not over! Then we remember the famous Ortigara Cake of the Carli Pastry,the craft beers and the famous Kranebet liqueur.

As for the crops you can not fail to mention rotzo potatoes, Asiago strawberries, dandelion of Conco and celery of Rubbio.

And finally among the most precious gifts of the woods of the Asiago Plateau we remember the delicious mountain mushrooms,starting from the precious porcini.

We are proud of our many typical products and flavors! Discover them in the many outlets below, cozy shops and shops (some of them directly in the farmhouse), where you will find the best of the traditional tastes and scents of the Asiago Plateau.

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