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Typical products

Guoli honey, dried mushrooms and other typical products

Miele Guoli, funghi essiccati e altri prodotti tipici

The Premiata Apicoltura Guoli is a historical family activity of the Asiago plateau, which finds its roots in the early 1900s with the pioneer Giacomo Guoli, who was deeply passionate about the art of beekeeping. One of the first official testimonies of his dedication is the recording of his participation in the VIII Conference of Beekeepers of Italy, held in Bologna in 1925.

His son, Vitorio, inherited his father's love, immersing himself in the profession of beekeeper with zeal and dedication. In Asiago, where winters were cold and prolonged, he built a masonry structure to protect the bees during the harshest months. This refuge, over the years, has become the main production and commercial headquarters of the activity, and now houses the point of sale of beekeeping products.

A memorable moment came to fruition in 1997, when Apicoltura Guoli won the prestigious award for the best Italian honey at the Lazise competition

The ancient knowledge in the art of bee breeding still allows us to operate in harmony with the well-being of beehives and nature. Before placing the hives, in fact, each beekeeping site is scrupulously examined from a pollen and ecological point of view.

The bees selected by Guoli for production belong to the Italian variety, a decision taken to protect local biodiversity without relying on hybridization or mixing of species. After the extraction of honey from honeycombs (honey extraction), it is processed through traditional andartisanal techniques, thus preserving its scent, flavor and composition.

Over time, Apicoltura Guoli has extended its commercial offer to dried porcini mushrooms. In addition, it has expanded its assortment with cosmetics and wellness and personal care products, formulated with valuable ingredients from hives, such as propolis, royal jelly and beeswax.

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GUOLI honey

In the contemporary panorama, as many of you will have noticed, finding products of excellent quality is very rare. However, Apicoltura Guoli offers an adequate response to this challenge with over 25 types of honey, each with its own distinctive characteristics, ideal to satisfy individual tastes and needs.

These represent the stage of products of Apicoltura Guoli, each protagonist of a history steeped in tradition. 

Guoli honey, the result of long beekeeping experience, stands out for its high quality, and is the result of the generous Italian territory, blessed with favorable climates and rich blooms, which give the product unique aromas, flavors and characteristics.

Products: Basil Honey, Acacia Honey, Eucalyptus Honey, Thistle Honey, Lemon Honey, Sunflower Honey, Hazelnut Honeydew Honey, Chestnut Honey, High Mountain Honey, Ailanto Honey, Maple Honey, Forest Honey, Rhododendron Honey, Cherry Honey, Wildflower Honey, Yarrow Honey, Orange Honey, Strawberry Tree Honey, Coriander Honey, Dandelion Honey, Bramble Honey, Sulla Honey.

Some of the Guoli Honeys

There are several types of honey that the Asiago plateau offers us:

High Mountain Honey

A wildflower honey produced at high altitude, around 1500/1600 meters. Compared to the Asiago wildflower this is characterized by a stronger taste given by the presence inside of small quantities of forest honeydew.

Intense flavor, but very pleasant. Caramelized scent.

Asiago flower honey

The wildflower honey of Asiago, is produced in the spring months. It has a very delicate flavor, so it is excellent as a sweetener.
Its taste depends on the nectars in it and changes according to the period of production and the actual area. The color also varies according to the year of production and ranges from walnut to brown.

Dandelion honey

If you have visited the Asiago plateau in spring you will surely have laid your eyes on the meadows dyed by the yellow of dandelion flowers, from which the bees obtain a very particular honey, whose taste recalls hay and grass. The scent is very intense and closely resembles that of the flower. The consistency of this honey is particular, because it crystallizes 15/20 days after honey extraction and then becomes almost crunchy on the palate, with an intense yellow color.


Impossible not to mention this 100 % natural mix of acacia honey with the addition of mountain pine buds harvested fresh above 1600 meters. Mountain pine is an evergreen plant that grows wild at high altitudes. Its buds are collected in uncontaminated places at the time of their growth cycle most suitable to allow the greatest release of active ingredients as well as appropriately selected.

Rhododendron honey

Rhododendron honey is produced at high altitude, usually above 1600 meters. Its production is very difficult, in fact a few days of bad weather can be enough to "ruin" the harvest.  This makes it a very valuable honey. Its flavor is delicate, which is why it is indicated for example as a sweetener for evening herbal teas or to combine with strong and aged cheeses.

Forest Honeydew Honeydew

This honey differs from all the others just mentioned in that it does not derive from the nectar of the flowers but more from the honeydew produced by aphids from forest plants. The color is dark and its taste reflects the production characteristic; It is in fact denser and more compact than flower honeys and has a particular taste and aroma and decidedly more pronounced than nectar honeys.

Dried mushrooms and in oil

For about thirty years Apicoltura Guoli has put the same passion that characterizes its production of honey also in the selection and care of dried mushrooms, in particular porcini mushrooms
These, once dried, are cleaned and treated one by one, manually, to ensure the elimination of any residual soil.

Products: Dried porcini mushrooms, Porcini heads case, Dried mushroom fantasy, Porcini mushrooms cut in olive oil.

Goodies and food preparations

Thanks to an incessant search for new flavors and combinations, over the years Apicoltura Guoli has also created a wide variety of delicacies and food preparations, all united by the genuineness of the final product. Perfect as snacks on autumn evenings or as foods to be included in breakfast as energizers for waking up in the morning, they delight both adults and children.

Products: Mugo-Miel, Balsamic-Miel, Walnuts in honey, Hazelnut honey, Honey & Ginger, Almonds in honey, Sweet whim, Toasted hazelnuts in honey, Honey candies various flavors, Fruit-Honey, Fantasy of candies.

Infusions and herbal teas

Since ancient times, the power of nature has manifested itself in all its magnificence, causing flowers, fruits, spices and herbs to be used in the most diverse contexts, not only in cooking, but also in medicine, cosmetics and as central elements of specific ritual practices.

Here then is that Apicoltura Guoli offers a selection of infusions and herbal teas, to be enjoyed both hot and cold and to sweeten to your liking with their delicious honeys. There really is something for every palate!

Products: Infusion with berries, Infusion of ice, Infusion of blackberry and currant.

Food supplements

Apicoltura Guoli also offers effective and safe products for the health and well-being of the person, an expression of innovation, selection of the best raw materials, quality and tradition. 
For this reason, they respond to the needs of well-being in the deepest sense, providing effective care today and improving the quality of life tomorrow.

Products: Echinacea drops, Ginseng compound, Cranberry compound, Cranberry, Red yeast rice, Apisol - carrot oil in pearls, Green tea compound, Hyaluronic compound.

Liqueurs and spirits

When we think of liqueurs, dinners with friends or family immediately come to mind. For moments of conviviality, Apicoltura Guoli has created four liqueurs and a beer, in collaboration with a distillery and a strictly craft brewery. All of them are characterized by the use of honey, which gives roundness to the flavor and makes it pleasant to all palates.

Products: Müga-Beer, Bombardino liqueur, Mountain bitter with honey, Grappa with honey, Bintar liqueur.

Beehive products

Among the "treasures of the hive", honey is only one component; Pollen, royal jelly and propolis are a natural support for the body. Every day, the hardworking bees wisely use these resources, all essential for the survival of the hive.

Products: Natural Energy, Propol-san nasal spray, Royal Jelly, Propolis alcohol spray, Hydro-Propolis, Propolsan balls, Dried pollen

Natural cosmetics

The hive is not only a source of sweet honey, but also a treasure trove of precious gifts with wonderful cosmetic properties. In this category, you will discover the most suitable products for the skin, for any specific need. 

Products: Anti-Aging face cream, Body cream with royal jelly, Leg relief gel cream, Honey and Propolis lip balm, Apisol - sunscreen SPF 30, Apisol - after sun cream, Apisol - bath/shower after sun, Apisol - carrot oil in pearls, Handmade honey soaps, Honey bath-shower with various flavors, Honey shampoo various flavors, Psoderma - dermoprotective cream, Calendulin - dermoprotective cream, Propolis cleansing and tonic milk, SOS dermis, SOS dol, Eye contour lifting serum, Goji berry anti-aging cream, Bee venom lifting cream, Pure arnica oil, Sweet almond oil, Multiactive body & hair oil, Aleppo soap 40%, Scrub soap, Handmade soap, Bee venom ointment and devil's claw, Foot cream.


Apicoltura Guoli also offers a range of gastronomic specialties permeated with tradition and taste. It thus offers a journey through authentic and ancient flavors of recipes preserved and transmitted from generation to generation, prepared with the same dedication and care of the quality of past times.
Among their selections, you will find irresistible proposals to prepare appetizers and dishes rich in flavor.

Products: Truffle Sauce, Red Pesto and Truffle Sauce, Mountain rice with porcini mushrooms, Polenta with porcini mushrooms, Onion soup, Chili pepper soup.

Visits to the apiary

Would you like to play the role of a beekeeper for a morning? The Apicoltura Guoli di Asiago will lead you with its own expert beekeeper in the wonderful world of bees.

Every Tuesday, from May to September, it is possible to book a guided tour of the apiary, lasting about an hour and a half, from 10:00 to 11:30. During this unique experience, you will have the chance to learn about the incredible organization of a hive, to see the queen in command of her box up close and to discover the hierarchy of bees that inhabit it.

All you have to do is wear boots with non-slip soles, high and comfortable, which allow you to walk easily on grassy ground and cover your ankles.

Beekeeping will provide you with beekeeper's overalls and gloves.

Once the guided tour has been booked, the appointment is scheduled on site half an hour before the start of the visit. You will receive by email, a few days before the event, the full address for the appointment.

The visit is reserved exclusively for adults, upon signing the discharge of responsibility form.

Cost: 20 € per person