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Asiago Plateau - The Malghe

The huts of the Asiago plateau 7 Municipalities

Do you want to put the pleasure of tasting the tasty mountain cheese right where it is produced?

A summer holiday or a trip to the Asiago plateau can not ignore the visit to at least one of the many huts in the area.

Surrounded by beautiful views of the surrounding valleys or mountains, caressed by the fresh and crisp mountain air and immersed in vast and lush pastures that offer the best herbs to the cows, these rustic stone and wood buildings give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing stop and to buy and taste the delicacies produced by the herdsmen themselves.

In many of the mountain huts of the plateau the real Asiago cheese is produced: Asiago Dop! But not only that, several huts also offer other delicious types of cheese, such as caciotte and tosella, as well as butter, ricotta, fresh cream and yogurt, as well as exquisite cold cuts and sausages, such as soppresse and salami.

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