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Consortium Asiago cheese PDO

Alm associated and authorized to produce Asiago cheese PDO

Malga Dosso di Sotto

Malga Dosso di Sotto

Located at 1648 m above sea level, Malga Dosso di Sotto is a small gem set in the enchanting landscapes of Cima Larici, in Val Formica. Here in summer you can buy directly the products of the malga: on sale you will find the fresh and aged Asiago DOP cheese (Mezzano, Vecchio and Stravecchio), but also ricotta and butter.

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Discover the Malga

In the summer season, Malga Dosso di Sotto is the ideal destination not only for hikers and sportsmen,but also for families,who in the beautiful surroundings can make children spend a day in contact with nature and animals.
Young and old here will also discover the secrets of the ancient craft of the Malghesi:in fact, in the farmhouse you can assist and touch the various stages of processing dairy products,to discover live how to make cheese.

Cheese platter and cold cuts

Tagliere misto con formaggi e salumi

It has been active for a couple of years the possibility of having a mixed cutting board prepared with tastings of cold cuts and cheeses produced exclusively in the malga, which is very pleasant during a rewarding excursion in the surrounding area. It is advisable to contact the hut to reserve a table.


Stagionatura del Formaggio Asiago DOP Malga Dosso di Sotto

A favorite destination for Mario Rigoni Stern and Ermanno Olmi, who shot the film "The meadows will return" here, Malga Dosso di Sotto has obtained several awards for its cheeses and has also brought its productions to the tables of the President of the Republic.


1° Miglior formaggio fresco di malga - Caseus Veneti 2020

For a couple of years the Dosso di Sotto malga cheese has participated in the Caseus Veneti competition, the most important event for Venetian cheeses. Also in 2021 he participated in the Italian Cheese Awards competition, one of the most important events in Italy. The prizes obtained in the alpine categories are:

2nd Best Fresh Alpine Cheese
2nd Best Aged Cheese

1st Best Fresh Alpine Cheese
2nd Best Aged Cheese
Best typical traditional cheese of the entire competition

2nd Best Fresh Alpine Cheese
2nd Best Aged Cheese
5th Best semi-aged cheese in Italy


I pascoli di Malga Dosso di Sotto

The mountain tradition here finds its maximum expression, think that the managers of Malga Dosso di Sotto have been pioneers of transhumance for over 40 years!

Customers say

What better description than the one made by customers?

Writes Laura C. on Google Reviews:
"Great farm, family run for several generations. The current Malgari, Ugo and Raffaele, sons of the previous owner Tarquinio Marini, lead the farm producing doc dairy products.
Ugo and his wife Gabriella are great guests for those who want to stop to taste their products and for a quick snack.
Nestled in nature with cows grazing,it is a great place for walks and to enjoy a sublime landscape."

Writes Linda D. on Google Reviews:
"The landscape surrounding the farmhouse is magnificent. [...] But the biggest surprise is being welcomed as someone in the family. 
We had the honor of seeing where and how they make Asiago cheese,as well as to taste it. [...]
Then they also make butter,absolutely to taste. [...] We'll definitely be back."

Find out more ABOUT ASIAGO DOP CHEESE and the itineraries for malga dosso di SOTTO

Malga Dosso di Sotto is associated with the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium, guaranteeing that the Asiago cheese produced is PDO. 
The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a guarantee of excellence conferred by the European Union to an agri-food product.
In the case of Asiago cheese, it indicates that its qualities are mainly due to the geographical environment in which it is produced, including natural and human factors, and that its production, processing and preparation takes place exclusively in the area of origin. Only the PDO is real Asiago cheese!


  • Altitude 1648 meters s.l.m.


  • Parking near the farmhouse

Reachability of the hut

  • Reachable by mixed road (asphalt and dirt)
  • Road normally driveable
  • Reachable by jeep or similar, quad, motorcycle, MTB
  • The road in case of snow is closed for the passage of the ski slopes
  • You can get in the car very carefully

Opening period / Seasonality

  • Open only in the summer season

Productions with direct sales

  • Cheese Asiago DOP
  • Other cheeses and dairy products
  • Preparing sandwiches
  • Sales of products to the public
  • Taste of cured meats
  • Tasting or tasting cheeses


  • Pets allowed

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Pagobancomat