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Consortium Asiago cheese PDO

Alm associated and authorized to produce Asiago cheese PDO

7 Caliere - Malga I Lotto Valmaron

7 Caliere - Malga I Lotto Valmaron

Malga 7 Caliere,also known by the historical name of Malga I Lotto Valmaron,is located in the verdant resort of Valmaron (Enego),onthe Plateau of the Seven Municipalities.

Here, among wide pastures and green woods, the Dalla Palma family has been carrying on the craft of herdsmen for generations, dedicating themselves to mountain pastures, producing typical cheeses of the area, including Asiago Dop cheese, and also dealing directly with their seasoning.

In this pristine environment, at about 1400 m above sea level, you can breathe pure air and it is really pleasant to spend a few hours in pure relaxation, being in contact with nature and enjoying the excellent products of the hut, lulled by the sweet sound of cowbells.

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Eating in Malaga

As a restorative break during your walks in the surroundings, you can indulge in a hearty snack in the farmhouse with sandwiches or savoring the cold dish on the menu, prepared with a selection of the best cheeses and cured meats of the farm.
If you fancy something hot, instead, you can try the typical dish with tosella and cotechino,accompanied by the inevitable polenta,beans, hood and potatoes. And – why not – then finish the meal with a nice slice of one of the delicious homemade pastries.

Product sale and the award-winning asiango dop

Malga 7 Caliere also sells products directly: here you can buy butter, ricotta and mountain yogurt, but also caciotte, Burlino cheese, Marcesina cheese; and, of course, also the king of the cheeses of the plateau, the Asiago Dop, which you will find for sale in the fresh, mezzano, old and stravecchio types. 

The hut is also associated with the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium and its Asiago won the first prize as a Product of the Italian Mountain 2016.

A family tradition

The long history of the farm began in the early 1900s,when grandfather Valerio Dalla Palma was in charge of the 7 Caliere,or the seven malghe that produced cheese in Valmaron-Marcesina with a single "caliera".

The witness then passed to his nephew Andrea,who together with his family passionately carried on the ancient craft of the Malagar,then passing on knowledge and secrets of the trade to his son Matteo,who today runs the Malga I Lotto Valmaron,continuing to produce cheeses of the highest quality.

Learn more about Asian cheese dop

Malga 7 Caliere - Malga I Lotto Valmaron is associated with the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium, guaranteeing that the Asiago cheese produced is PDO. 
The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a guarantee of excellence conferred by the European Union to an agri-food product.
In the case of Asiago cheese, it indicates that its qualities are mainly due to the geographical environment in which it is produced, including natural and human factors, and that its production, processing and preparation takes place exclusively in the area of origin. Only the PDO is real Asiago cheese!


  • Altitude 1400 meters s.l.m.


  • Parking near the farmhouse

Reachability of the hut

  • Reachable by dirt road
  • Road normally driveable
  • Also accessible with snow
  • Unreachable in case of snowfall

Opening period / Seasonality

  • Open only in the summer season

Productions with direct sales

  • Cheese Asiago DOP
  • Other cheeses and dairy products
  • Preparing sandwiches
  • Sales of products to the public
  • Tasting or tasting cheeses
  • Cold cuts


  • Environment equipped for the handicapped
  • Pets allowed

Payment Methods

  • Cash