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Itinerary Tour of the Malghe di Valmaron

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Malga I Lotto Valmaron - 7 Caliere

Itinerary tour of the Malghe di Valmaron

ITINERARY: Tour Malghe di Valmaron

Technical indications

Degree of difficulty: Medium/Easy
Difference in altitude: 152m
Min elevation: 1341m asl
Max altitude: 1493m asl
Distance: 9,44 km
Walking time: 3h
Means: on foot


From Asiago we can easily reach by car, in about 35 minutes, Valmaron. Crossing the municipalities of Gallium and then Foza, passing over the highest viaduct in Italy, which with its 175 meters high from spring to autumn hosts the Bungee Jumping Valgadena, shortly after Stoner you follow left towards Valmaron and Centro Fondo Enego. Arrived at the parking lot of the Enego 2000 ski area, we can park the car near the Chalet Valmaron hut.


From here you leave the paved road to take the dirt road on the left, for a few minutes, which leads to Malga I Lotto Valmaron. Before reaching the malga, after passing the alpine pool, take the road on the left indicated with the signs of the "La Via delle Prealpi" circuit. So let's start our hiking itinerary that will develop in a ring for about 10 km clockwise, most of it on a dirt road with a clearly evident trace. Reached the summit point of our itinerary, keeping to the right we can quickly descend on a fairly steep track towards the starting point. However, it is advisable to keep the main road for a few more minutes, also indicated as route C7 of the Via delle Prealpi up to the junction to be taken on the right downhill, no longer following the C7 itinerary.

After about 45 minutes of walking from the start, immersed in a dense forest of spruce and beech, a large and suggestive clearing will open and we will reach Malga IV Lotto Valmaron, also known as Malga Campetti, from the homonymous locality that we are crossing. The herd present is guarded by "anti-wolf" dogs; both the herd and the dogs should never be bothered, keeping appropriate behaviors, as also indicated in the signs in the area. Leaving the hut on our left we take the access road to the same, the rich pastures of the malga will immediately leave room for the forest, at least in this area fortunately escaped the devastating fury of cyclone Vaia in October 2018, effects instead still evident continuing the itinerary.

After about twenty minutes along the dirt road that descends from the hut, we will meet a clear junction; we will have to continue to the right slightly uphill. Leaving the woods we will meet the gathering that gives life to the pastures of Valmaron and after a wide hairpin bend we will cross the Valmaron / Marcesina asphalt road, we will continue to the right and after leaving the beautiful Malga III Lotto Valmaron further downstream and passing the Enego Cross Country Center and the Valmaron Refuge, we will return to our starting point, finishing our excursion in about 3 hours and with a difference in height of 350 meters.

For a regenerating break with lunch in the hut based on cheeses and typical mountain products we recommend a stop during the route at Malga III Lotto Valmaron or on the return at Malga 7 Caliere / I Lotto Valmaron, both beautiful and welcoming.



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