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l'Altopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni

Asiago Plateau

Asiago Plateau

The Asiago Plateau Seven Municipalities

Overview Asiago Plateau
In the wide landscape of the mountains of Veneto theAltopiano dei Sette Comuni, also known as the plateau of Asiago, represents one of the most elegant and most suitable to winter tourism and the summer months.

With its unspoiled nature, the tranquility that characterizes it, the warm hospitality of its inhabitants, and numerous accommodations and the most diverse entertainment offerings to suit all tastes, theAltopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni, in winter as in summer, offers a holiday full of fun, of sport and relaxation.

The territory, in addition to the natural beauty and pristine air, also has places of great historical interest relating to the great war, such as the War Memorial, the war cemeteries, trenches and bunkers can be visited along paths on which you can explore on foot, mountain bike or ski depending on the season.

Here you can find a page dedicated to each of the eight municipalities that make up our territory.
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Located at an altitude of 1001 m above sea level, Asiago is undoubtedly the most famous of the resorts of thePlateau of the Seven Municipalities,also known as the"Asiago Plateau". The tourist offer, the historical and naturalistic points of interest, the scenic beauties, the events,the ski slopes,the trails,etc. are however distributed throughout the territory of thePlateau among its laughing resorts really all to discover.



Municipality of Enego


The distracted traveler, who in the dark goes up the Valsugana to the north,just before the border with the province of Trento,will notice to the left of the gorge that is to cross, some lights scattered on high rocky ridges and nothing else. By day, he will perhaps be able to catch with his eyes some groups of buildings strenuously and stubbornly perched on the mountain: he may think that these are a few scattered houses, abandoned to their destiny by an urbanization and an increasingly overwhelming globalization. But getting to Enego,knowing it, or rather, living it,is a whole other thing...


Municipality of Foza on the Asiago Plateau


Foza, one of the oldest municipalities in the Plateau, arose due to its proximity to the Brenta river,a river port for the timber trade with the Venetian cities and Venice.

The origin of Foza is very obscure, as is that of the other municipalities of the Plateau. It is certain, however, that the inhabitants of Foza were in close contact with the Germanic populations,as evidenced by habits, customs and traditions, physical characteristics and above all the spoken language(cimbro).




Roana, Robaan or Rowaan Cimbrian language, is certainly the most articulate among the municipalities of the Asiago plateau. It consists in fact of 6 localities -also called Bell 6 because each village has its own parish church-namely Camporovere, Canove, Cesuna, Mittewald, Roana and Tresché Conca...


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