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Roana, Robaan or Rowaan Cimbrian language, is certainly the most articulate among the municipalities of the Asiago plateau. It consists in fact of 6 localities -also called Bell 6 because each village has its own parish church-namely Camporovere, Canove, Cesuna, Mittewald, Roana and Tresché Conca.
The average altitude of the villages that make up the municipal area is about 1000 metres above sea level, which makes Roana iyaly the perfect destination for a half mountain resorts, that is really at all.

Roan's territory and its fractions is vast, almost 8,000 hectares largely covered by forests, fields, pastures and gentle slopes.

Thepure air, the riot of shades of Green and of many colors that characterize the various seasons of the year, broad vistas, the mild climate, the tranquility that permeates this area make it the ideal place for relaxing holidays in contact with nature between relaxing walks and healthful walking and mountain biking.

There are numerous sports facilities: various playgrounds, soccer fields, football, tennis, bowls, volleyball and basketball, the Sports Hall, the ice stadium and fields of roller-skating, acrobatic parks and a swimming pond. In the winter there are several ski resorts and fund centres for Nordic skiing.

Salto del Granatiere - Monte Cengio, Comune di Roana
But Roana is even more so: in its territory, the history and the culture they live everywhere.

The municipal area is permeated by testimonies of the first world war, whose events touched deeply and tragically Roana and other localities, as well as all seven Municipalities Plateau. In Canove you can visit the Historical Museum of the great war, which collects over 5000 artifacts of war between maps, clothing, miscellaneous supplies, documents and photographs.

Numerous war finds dating back to the first world war are then collected in Treschè Basin in the famous Collection Ruin.

To retrace the places of first world war you can also visit numerous well preserved military forts, such as Fort Verena, the Fort of Punta Corbin with the Museum, the Strong Campolongo and Barracks on Mount Stopped. Remember then the Monte Cengio, which with the famous Salto del Granatiere, the path carved into the rocks and sometimes overlooking the breathtaking Valley enjoyable along the way and the monumental area of the top is certainly one of the most spectacular and significant sites of the great war on the Asiago plateau. Trenches, trenches and military stations can be visited even on Mount Zovetto and Monte une mise au point.

To jump even in prehistoric times, comfortable mule tracks that descend from Canove Roan and lead to the engravings of Val d Assa, prehistoric limestone on graffiti found after the flood of 1966.

Forte Interrotto, Comune di Roana
But Roana iyaly also allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and tradition in the Cimbrian language, which here is still alive thanks to Museum and Cimbric Cultural Institute, headquartered in Roana, safeguarding the linguistic and cultural heritage inherited from the ancient Germanic peoples in the early middle ages; In addition, Basin Treschè in the seat of the municipal tourist Chalet, you can find Language Cimbric, door for further discussion on this mysterious ethnicity. And the Cimbrian culture is celebrated every year in Roana with "Hoga Zait" the Cimbric festival, important event for residents and tourists, in which are organized shows, cultural events and concerts in various localities of the municipality of Roana.

To Cesuna of Roana, moreover, is a unique Museum, the Museum of Cuchi, collecting over 10,000 cuchi, popular terracotta whistles of various forms and from all over the world, that the folk tradition wanted give boys as the promise of love to your in love the 25 April, the feast of St. mark, the day when even today in Canove di Roana takes place the Festival of Cuchi just in memory of this ancient tradition.

Each of the fractions of Roana has its own tourist office, thePost Office, the surgeries and the line bus. In the municipality there are also 3 pharmacies, one to one Cesuna Roana, and a third in Canove.

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