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Educational farms

Cason of Wonders

Il Cason delle Meraviglie

The Cason delle Meraviglie is an educational farm that stands in an enchanting place, a real corner of paradise in Treschè Conca, ahamlet of the Municipality of Roana onthe Asiago Plateau.

The context is truly unique: it is a small and charming renovated hut of the early 1900s, wrapped in the embrace of three ancient cherry trees. From here you can enjoy a splendid view of the Roanese Riviera, the pastures and the lush surrounding woods, and the border mountains.

At the Cason delle Meraviglie in the period from May to October come "on holiday" the animals of the nearby Dalla Riva Farm,which graze freely and are often protagonists of the activities of the educational farm.

It is a place suitable for everyone: families, children, school children, people with disabilities and the elderly,where educational activities, workshops,cultural and recreational events are carried out throughout the year by reservation.

The organized initiatives, aimed at rediscovering ancient knowledge and rediscovering and maintaining a link with nature, give emotions and experiences that remain in the heart.

Participating in the educational activities of the Cason delle Meraviglie represents a unique opportunity for direct contact with animals, plants, open spaces and the world of rural tradition.

The cason delle meraviglie educational farm was born from the dream of Cristina Panozzo,a small agricultural entrepreneur, nature respect activist, musician and artist, who after a unique experience on a ranch in Australia, understood that what she was looking for already had her at home, in the Asiago Plateau. Here his project has become a reality, realized precisely in the Cason delle meraviglie, an adventure, made of love for the land and animals,which he renews every day with passion and enthusiasm.


Farm animals

Animals have always exercised great charm and interest on children, however you do not always have the opportunity to see them live and above all to interact with them.

In the workshops of the Cason delle Meraviglie Cristina tells the participants about the farm animals and teaches adults and children to relate to them. It will be fascinating to discover the characteristics of the various animals, their needs, how they live and what they eat.

Gli animali della fattoria
We feed the goats

A Farmer's Day

In this workshop Grandfather Luigino makes the participants try hand milking and teaches the tricks of this old tradition.

You get to know the cows and all the animals of the farm: horses, ponies, mule, goats, sheep, piglets, chickens, geese and all 2-legged animals!

The grandfather also explains how he gets heard by the beasts and how to behave with them.

And finally, we then move on to making cheese and butter just like we used to do!

The Lower Court Animals

With the laboratory of decorated eggs Cristina leads the participants in the Highland tradition of rogation and in the legend of the cuchi. Eggs are decorated with natural colors and herbs, giving space to creativity.

In the hands in pasta workshop Cristina teaches to knead, color and prepare really special cookies.

Impariamo a conoscere le erbe di montagna
We learn about mountain herbs


The activities organized at cason delle meraviglie are suitable for everyone: children, families, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Tailor-made routes can be designed for participants, according to the needs expressed at the time of booking, so that everyone can feel welcomed and live the farm experience to the fullest.

The workshops last about two and a half hours and end with a memory to take with you.

The Cason delle Meraviglie also organizes holistic initiatives for psycho-physical well-being in nature such as,for example, sound baths,meditation with crystals, thetreatment of re-harmonisation of chakras, the circle of women and the bath in the Forest or Shirin Yoku.


At Cason delle Meraviglie, tailor-made workshopsare organized for school children, designed so that every child can take home the best from the farm experience.

The typical day takes place according to these methods and timings:

9.30 am arrival at the Church of Treschè Conca, division into groups and short walk to the Cason delle Meraviglie
9.45am arrival at the farm and short snack break
10.15 start of didactic activities
about 12.30 pm start of lunch break
13.30-14.00 about start of teaching activities
15.30-15.45 end of activities, greetings and start to the coach
About 16.00 departure

At the time of booking, you can report the interest in deepening one or more topics,agreeing the activities according to the needs of the group.

Impariamo il contatto con gli animali
We learn contact with animals


  • Children from 3 years old: - Half day € 8 - Internal Day € 15
  • For children under 3 years (for whom ad hoc activities are organized): € 6
  • Parents/adults accompanying € 6

COSTS FOR SCHOOLS (prices per person)

For classes and schools the price is:

  • half day € 6
  • full day € 12
  • free accompanying teacher
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