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Great War

The great war in Altopiano di Asiago

All itineraries, events, offers on the centenary of the great war

The centenary of the great war to the Asiago plateau

From 23 May until 11 November 2015 2018, the Altopiano di Asiago is preparing to celebrate the centenary of the great war with a series of events and offers that give the opportunity to learn about itineraries, exhibitions, guided tours and more that will recall what has been a long time for the plateau and people throughout our country.
Discover with us the centennial of World War I, the itineraries, bids and appointments arranged on the plateau.

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Commemorative events of the great war

The 7 Municipalities of the plateau

With the centenary of the first world war, take the opportunity to fly to visit all the municipalities of the plateau, their landscapes, their characteristics and their history.

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Located at an elevation of 1001 m above sea level, Asiago is undoubtedly the most famous among the towns ofthe seven Municipalities Plateau , known also as "the Asiago plateau". The tourist attractions, points of interest, the historical and natural scenic beauty, the events, the slopes, the trails, etc. are distributed throughout the territory ofthe plateau between her laughing really place to be discovered....



Conco, cimbro Kunken (step), first breaking of the Comune di Lusiana, was added to the municipalities ofAsiago plateau in 1796. At 830 m above sea level, Conco is located halfway between the Venetian plain and the Asiago plateau. As with other towns on the plateau, the winters are very cold and temperatures can reach the -20° C in the deepest valleys....



Gallium, Cimbrian language Ghel, is one of the centers of theAltopiano dei Sette Comuni richest in sports and tourist attractions and is therefore ideal for relaxing and enjoyable holidays insummer than inwinter. Located at 1090 meters above sea level, right in the heart of the plateau, Gallium is located northeast of Asiago which is only 4 Km....



Roana, Robaan or Rowaan Cimbrian language, is certainly the most articulate among the municipalities of the Asiago plateau. It consists in fact of 6 localities -also called Bell 6 because each village has its own parish church-namely Camporovere, Canove, Cesuna, Mittewald, Roana and Tresché Conca....


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