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Educational farms

The Educational Farms of the Asiago Plateau

The Educational Farms of the Asiago Plateau

Educational farms Asiago plateau

Educational farms are farms, whichin addition to their typical activity, are also dedicated to educational-training activities for children, young people,families and schools, representing the ideal place to observe nature and agricultural work in person.

In this section you will find the educational farms of the Asiago Plateau,whose goal is to spread the knowledge of the rural activities carried out on the farm and animal and plant life,involving its guests in agricultural crafts,such as the collection of fruit and vegetables,breeding or the production of typical products.

These are magical places, which make children and young people live, but also adults, healthy and intense days in the open air in which to know the life of animals, the origin of the products we consume, the peasant traditions and the ancient knowledge to be preserved and handed down.

They transmit to the new generations the customs of peasant culture with directexperience and educate respect for nature and the environment.

The educational farm is, therefore, a place of active pedagogy,inspired by a practical vision of learning,based on observation and discovery.

Here, with the guidance of specialized operators, participating adults and children learn more about the rural environment, plants, animals andproducts of the earth, try their hand at agricultural activities and ancient crafts, spending unforgettable moments and adventures.

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Cason of Wonders



The Cason delle Meraviglie is an educational farm that stands in an enchanting place, a real corner of paradise in Treschè Conca, ahamlet of the Municipality of Roana onthe Asiago Plateau.

The context is truly unique: it is a small and charming renovated hut of the early 1900s, wrapped in the embrace of three ancient cherry trees. From here you can enjoy a splendid view of the Roanese Riviera, the pastures and the lush surrounding woods, and the border mountains.