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Cross Country Ski

TRACKS FROM THE BOTTOM of the Asiago Plateau

Asiago Plateau - The capital of Nordic skiing

Cross-country skiing
Asiago Plateau is a real paradise for cross-country skiing . Its more than 500 km of slopes, set in picturesque scenery of dense coniferous forests, make it, in its own right, capital of Nordic skiing .

in direct contact with nature and surrounded by his silence, cross-country skiers can enjoy not only the beauty of this land, but also the passion for this healthy sport winter drawing maximum benefits for the body and mind.
Breathing ' crisp air and clear air of the Plateau, along its perfectly groomed slopes and jokes that wind through meadows and snowy forests of all its municipalities, enjoying the quiet and the enchantment of the landscape, you really do get into another dimension: the harmony with nature and inner serenity that only the mountains can give.
If you practice cross-country skiing, skating or classic , to be an expert or a beginner, on the Asiago Plateau you will find the ideal conditions to devote to practice this wonderful sport.
at the bottom centers Plateau operate various ski schools , with professional teachers, whose experience and expertise will help to acquaint you with confidence to the Nordic ski or improve your level. Also present structures of rental equipment.
To make the experience even more rewarding the opportunity to enjoy a warm relaxing break from the sport and a succulent snack of local products and dishes at the huts and shelters , some of which you can even stay.
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Il Centro Fondo Campolongo



The Centro Fondo Campolongo (mt 1551) on theplateau of Asiago 7 Comuni, undisputed realm of skiing, is one of the most fascinating areas of the region. The Center is located in the northern part of the plateau of Asiago, the "high mountain" as it was defined by Mario Rigoni Stern...
  • Altitude: 1.551 m
  • Cross-country skiing: 6
  • Kilometers of ski slopes: 100
  • Trails Snowshoeing: 3




The Centro Fondo Enego is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of cross country skiing: with its 200 km of trails that wind through the beautiful landscapes of the Marcesina plain, is considered a real paradise for cross country skiers and those who want to spend an exciting day on the slopes, on theAltopiano dei Sette Comuni...
  • Altitude: 1.351 m
  • Cross-country skiing: 8
  • Kilometers of ski slopes: 200
  • Trails Snowshoeing: 3


Gallio Campomulo Fund Center



The Centro Fondo Gallio (1500 - 2000 m above sea level) is one of the first Nordic ski centres born in Italy and, with its 150 km and more of slopes always perfectly maintained, is one of the largest and most important in Europe...
  • Altitude: 1.500 m
  • Cross-country skiing: 12
  • Kilometers of ski slopes: 200
  • Trails Snowshoeing: 5




The Asiago Golf Arena Fund Center is one of the major poles of Nordic skiingor cross country skiing, of which the Asiago plateau is considered the undisputed reign.
Located in the middle of the plateau of 7 municipalities, is easily accessible from several directions...
  • Altitude: 1.001 m
  • Cross-country skiing: 4
  • Kilometers of ski slopes: 45
  • Trails Snowshoeing:


Other ski slopes:

Center Bottom Monte Corno Lusiana

Altitude: 1050m

Tel. 0424/67308

Cross Country Center Cesuna

Elevation: 1000-1 400 m


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