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Ski School

Scuola Sci Larici Val Formica

The Larch ski school Val Ant, is a young company which has headquarters at the slopes of the Ski Area Val Ant, in the municipality of Asiago onAsiago plateau 7 communities at 1650 meters above sea level, therefore strategically placed to lessons from early December to late March.

There are many services that the area, which has been the subject of relaunch and development for some years now, already proposes. In addition to the ski and snowboard school and the ski lifts and the snowpark (Larici Park) there is a large hut, a playground, snowshoeing trails etc.

The masters and teachers of alpine skiing and snowboarding, are regularly enrolled in the Regional College of Ski Instructors of veneto (or other regions / autonomous provinces). The team includes professionals with many years of experience in teaching and young teachers: this combines tradition and innovation in an optimal way.


The ski school offers lessons and ski and snowboard courses for children, young people and adults both novice and already more or less experienced skiers.. Throughout the season you can book individual lessons for one or more people in the time most convenient for you. Collective courses are generally organized on weekends and holidays.


The masters of the Larici Val Formica Ski School

Andrea Carli
Andrea Passaretti
Anna Costacurta
Anna Marzarotto
Christian Carli
Daniel Cantele
Elena Marzola
Enrico Zen
Fortunato Rigoni
Giacomo Scuccato
Laura Scuccato
Luca Callegari
Luca Carli
Luca Maino
Luca Zonta
Lucia Scuccato
Manuel Rebeschini
Martina Scuccato
Nico Tessari
Sergio Stefani (Director)
Simone Stefani
Stefano Bordignon
Tommaso Scuccato
Ugo Orsanelli


Oasis of peace bathed in sunshine and snow, the Val Ant has a ski area part-operational in 2012 after years of retirement.

Recovery interventions made sure the lifts (chairlift, ski lifts, and treadmill) to present today are modern and fast. The tracks are available for learning and having fun in total safety.

The snowpark "Larches Park", with its three lines of different difficulties, offer entertainment with the freestyle in its various facets, is skiing with the Board.
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