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Downhill skiing

Ski Lift Biancoia

Sciovie Biancoia

For many years, the Biancoia ski lifts of Conco (Altopiano Sette Comuni) are a favourite destination for downhill enthusiasts who want to enjoy fun days on the snow in the mountains, while remaining to plain.

This Highland ski area, in fact, is just a 25-minute drive from the Plains, with 1115 m Its strategic position makes it easily reachable in a few minutes from the main town of the plateau, such as Asiago and Gallium, which is 14 km.

At the drag lifts Biancoia, sportsmen, families and groups of friends can have fun in the snow, taking advantage of the seven tracks available, of varying levels of difficulty: the two Biancoia East slopes are red, which is of medium difficulty, for those who already feels confident on skis; Biancoia Center tracks are both suitable for beginners, being a blue (easy) and a green (very easy). the same goes for Biancoia West (one blue and one green) and Treadmill (green).
The slopes are serviced by lifts cable version, except the track Treadmill, which climbs with conveyor belt.


The Biancoia ski lifts ski area also offers children's practice fields and a ski school with trained and qualified instructors for those who want to learn to ski or improve his technique of descent skiing.
There is also a fully stocked rental, where you can find skiing, sledges and bob.


Even those who don't practice the downhill skis, Biancoia, can have fun and enjoy a day of pure relaxation.
The ski area, in fact, is immersed in the silence and tranquility of the mountains, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, where it is not unusual to see chamois and Roe deer.
Within the Refuge Biancoia, which offers bar and restaurant, the atmosphere is really nice, as well as the scent of delicious dishes coming from the kitchen: the perfect place for a relaxing break strains on the snow!
Outside there is a large solarium, for those who prefer to be outdoors, enjoying the warmth of the Sun.


The area of Biancoia is also ideal in the summer, when it offers the possibility of many walks and hikes along interesting routes , both from the point of view of nature and history.


The ski Lifts Biancoia comes with 4 lifts, among which three are wire rope and one consists of the conveyor belt.
The 7 downhill slopes are always jokes and are suited to beginners, children and advanced skiers, with varying levels of difficulty and different lengths.


Thanks to Asiago.it's live webcams, you can stay up to date on what's happening in real time in various areas of thePlateau,in all seasons.
Watch live webcams to find out what's going on at the Sciovie Biancoia,to see what a long time ago, to check the snow situation or just to enjoy the beautiful views of the highlands .

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