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FOZA-steeped in history. The small town is surrounded by forests of spruce and from the most beautiful panoramas of Altopiano di Asiago

Foza - Altopiano di AsiagoThe Comune di Foza, Cimbrian language : Vüsche, is among the oldest towns of the area and the second smallest on theAsiago plateau, after Rotzo. The origins of Foza are lost between the folds of History, but starting from theearly Middle Ages is attested the existence officially.

In the fourteenth century Foza joined the historic Federation of 7 Municipalities and had strong growth in theMiddle Ages, thanks to the proximity of the River Brenta, which made Foza an influential Center of timber trade between Venice and the plateau. And is between this "wood", forests of larch and spruce, which rises Foza.

Located in the northwest side of theAsiago plateau, in 1083 m s.l.m., Foza is surrounded by some of the most beautiful peaks of the plateau: from Monte Miela (1780 m) in the Monte Fior (1824 m), to the Spill (1800 m) up to the famous Melette (1730 m).

The Comune di Foza is small, with houses painted by artists from all over Italy, come to embellish their Foza masterpieces. Two works of great value lay in the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, built after the war: an altarpiece by Francesco da Ponte the elder of 1519 and a wooden crucifix by unknown author. The Church, in a style similar to that of Romanesque, and the bell tower are made of white granite extracted from quarries in locality Futa.

In district hospitals of Foza survives the tradition of "Brusar to vecia" on 6 January, as a greeting to the past year. While at 175 metres above sea level between the municipalities of Foza and Enego, is one of the highest in Italy viaducts: the Valgàdena bridgewas built to cross the Valley and opened in 1990.

It's a nice fun around a country as all aligned on a Foza Ridge, just when the Sun. The houses ' gild and shine there at the top; It feels free to do what you want, the itinerary do you like playing, one can say: step under Foza, South point, until the first big gap, and that will certainly be is a small valley and. .. »
(Luigi Meneghello, small masters)

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