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E-Bike on the Asiago Plateau: rental, itineraries and guided tours

The Asiago Sette Comuni Plateau is a true paradise for lovers of cycling and MTB excursions and outdoor sports activities: it offers, in fact, a myriad of itineraries and routes, of varying degrees of difficulty, ideal to travel on two wheels.

If until a few years ago discovering the Plateau by moutain bike was an experience that only trained cyclists could enjoy, managing to face even the longest and most difficult routes and the hardest climbs, lately, thanks to the advent of E-BIKES, even those who do not have a particular sports and technical preparation can travel the mountain itineraries   riding a bicycle, managing to reach the most beautiful destinations and views.

We refer to electric bicycles, also called pedal-assisted bikes or "Pedelec", that is, bicycles equipped with an electric motor that, thanks to a battery that gives him energy, assists the cyclist in pedaling: the motor, in fact, comes into operation only if those in the saddle are pedaling.

The e-bike scooter also helps the cyclist to pedal when he needs it most, that is , in restarts and uphill.

Compared to a traditional bicycle or MTB, therefore, the E-BIKE is much less tiring to use and allows you to travel longer routes with little effort.

Moreover, everyone can adjust the aid of the motor to pedal as he sees fit, based on his degree of training: those with well-trained legs can decide to use the engine only in the steepest sections, while those who are less fit can make the most of it, even on flat stretches.

In short, the e-bike allows you to do healthy physical exercise, even if not very intense, even to those who want to start moving a little, without stressing the joints and muscles. And it is suitable for everyone even for children!

On the plateau there are various activities of E-BIKE RENTAL. So who are you waiting for? Just have the battery well charged and mount in the saddle!

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E-Bike Rental

Below are the activities we recommend for the rental of E-Bikes on the Plateau