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MTB Mountain Bike Trails

Route For Mountain Biking (MTB) Asiago – Zebio – Strong Interrupted

Asiago visto dalla strada verso il forte Interrotto

Asiago seen from the road to the fort Interrupted

Itinerary For Mountain Bike (MTB) Asiago - Zebio - Strong Interrupted

Itinerary for Mountain Bike (MTB) to do when you have a little 'training on the legs because there are challenging spots where you have to push on the pedals. The route is mostly on dirt apart from the first and the last stretch that develop on the inhabited areas around Asiago. The commitment is rewarded by the places that are crossed: the Val di Nos very nice for its performance in false floor in the woods and especially the area of Mount Zebio and Forte Stopped with their historical significance.

ITINERARY (MTB):   Asiago - Zebio - Strong Interrupted
Technical Notes
Length: 30 km 
Difference in altitude: 970 mt. 
Maximum height: 1674 mt. 
Difficulty: medium difficulty 
Walking time: 3.5 hours


The start of the route for Mountain Bike (MTB) is the ice rink of Asiago, strategic place to reach by car and park without problems and leave with their mountain bikes. From the car park, to 50 meters, and take Via Trento e Trieste.


The road descends coming to a roundabout where you continue straight ahead passing through the center of Asiago where there is the Town Hall and the beginning of Corso IV Novembre, the main street of Asiago normally to pedestrian use. Continuing on, you come to a second roundabout where you will take a left onto Via Cesare Battisti, who later became Five street.
After about 600 meters you will find a fork where there is the barracks of the State Forestry Corps.

Keep right at the district Ebene, along the fence Airport and continue for about 1 km reaching a junction where you must turn right and then immediately left for 50 meters away Villa Rossi. After about 400 meters turn left onto a road that in its central section presents dirt and then back road. When the road joins another go straight and face a tear of about 100 meters, which leads to an intersection. Turn left and go in the direction of the hill of Gastagh.

After a few hundred meters you will pass in front of a riding school and then the road to the Val di addentrerà Nos.
Along the valley is possible to visit a teaching area formed by two paths that explains, through different stages, the 'ecosystem of the forest.

Lungo la Val di Nos

Along the Val di Nos

The crossing of the Val di Nos looks pleasant as the road, about 6 km long, is false floor to the bottom, where the slope is presented pronounced until you meet two bends that lead to a crossroads. On this junction, turn left and continue for 1,7 km, leaving a dirt road on your right until you reach the junction of the White Rock. From here turn right and continue for 1.5 miles until you reach the Malga Zebio point where you can enjoy the award-winning cheeses of the hut.

The place is well worth the temporary abandonment of their mountain bikes to visit the trenches and tunnels of Mount Zebio, one of the most interesting areas of 'outdoor Eco-museum of the Great War.
Precisely in this area on June 8, 1917, possibly due to a lightning strike, died from the explosion of a mine 160 soldiers and officers.

Forte Interrotto

Strong Interrupted

The second important step is to route the Fort Stopped. To get back on the same road for 1.5 km and, at the junction of White Rock, turn right and continue downhill for about 2.3 Km. When you reach a fork in the road, bear right and continue for up and down at times challenging that goes around the Monte Zebio for about 2.5 Km.

After this distance, to turn left and continue on the flat leaving two side, to the left and right until you get to the Fort Stopped. The strong in recent years has undergone a 'major renovation that brought to resemble to its origins. The name Interrupted does not mean, as the name implies, a work interrupted in its construction, but derives from the mountain that dominates the town, Mount Stopped.

It should be noted that the term "Stopped" is the term un'italianizzazione cimbro Hinterrucks which means top to the north, precisely because it is in the north of the 'Plateau. After visiting the fort can start the descent towards Asiago on the road leading down from the fort.
Be careful, as usual, to not get caught by the descent because at the end of the downhill hairpin turn left onto a dirt road in the direction of the San Domenico until you return to the center of Asiago.


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