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Municipality of Gallium - Asiago plateau 7 Municipalities

GALLIUM - The destination of winter sports. Great variety of sports and cultural activities: from cross-country and downhill skiing, to mountain biking (MTB) to itineraries on the places of the Great War

Gallio - Altopiano di AsiagoGallium, in the Cimbrian language Ghel, is one of the centers of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities richest in sports and tourist attractions and is therefore ideal for relaxing and fun holidays both in summer and winter. Located at 1090 meters above sea level, right in the heart of the plateau, Gallio is located north-east of Asiago which is only 4 km away.

In the winter season Gallium is an ideal destination for lovers of cross-country skiing and downhill. In its municipal area, in fact, there are the alpine ski slopes "Ski Area Le Melette" and "Valbella", both only about 4.5 km from the town center, and the Centro Fondo Campomulo in Campomulo , with its 150 km of Nordic ski slopes. Do not forget the possibility of long snowshoeing on the snow.

At 1 km from the center of Gallium, in Pakstall, there is the Valley of the Trampolines, so called precisely for the presence of ski jumps, among which stands out, the famous K95, where international competitions were held.

Gallium, surrounded by green and wide pastures and lush woods, offers various possibilities for recreation even in summer. From here, in fact, there are numerous itineraries immersed in nature that can be traveled on foot, on horseback and by mountain bike to discover real corners of paradise and the places of the Great War. Many of these routes follow the mule tracks built by soldiers during the First World War.

We mention some itineraries, passable by all, such as the Val di Nos educational path, which includes various paths immersed in the woods illustrated by educational panels and along which there are beautiful picnic areas, and the Pakstall Valley Life Path, where the Ghelpach stream is born and flows. Not to forget then is the cycle-pedestrian path of Peace very close to the center of Gallium.



It is a temple dedicated to the Madonna del Caravaggio, built in the first half of the '800, destroyed by bombing in the First World War and then rebuilt. Near the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buso, there is a narrow canyon carved into the rock by the Frenzela stream.


Not far from the center of Gallium is the Valley of the Mills, characterized by the abundance of water, which is rare given the karst nature of the plateau, and therefore, in the past, has made it ideal territory for the construction of mills. In its first part the valley takes its name from the stream that crosses it, the Covola, and walking there will be like going back in time: for paths where mills and washhouses stand out in the past used to grind cereals and tann hides.


The Path of Silence winds through the woods in Campomuletto. This particular itinerary aims to keep alive the memory of the war events that affected the Asiago plateau in the years 1915-18. Along the way, 10 artistic installations have been placed, each accompanied by a poem or a writing, with the aim of making visitors reflect on the horror of war and the tragedy that took place in those places a hundred years ago.


In the hamlet of Stoccareddo, in Val Frenzela, stands the Spitzknotto or Spizegonotto, a huge boulder that, like the Altar knotto of Rotzo, resembles an altar for its shape. 

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