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4 km north-east of Asiago, between green and wide pastures and lush woods, the plateau holds one of its most precious treasures: Gallium.

Gallium, in the Cimbrian language Ghel, is in fact one of the centers of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities richest in history and sports and tourist attractions, an ideal place to spend holidays of relaxation, culture and fun, both in summer and during the colder months.

This small mountain village, nestled in the sunny plateau, offers tourists the opportunity to relax with pleasant walks along the many itineraries that wind through the places of the Great War and the enchanting landscapes that characterize it.

Among these, we remember some, passable by all: the Val di Nos educational path, which goes through beautiful paths immersed in the woods, illustrated by educational panels, along which there are beautiful picnic areas where you can find refreshment and can also be traveled in winter with snowshoes and on foot; not to forget there is the cycle-pedestrian path of Peace, very close to the center.

Gallio dallo Stalk

Located at 1090 meters above sea level, Gallium is a small corner of paradise even for the most sporty, who during the summer can venture on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback among the fascinating mountain paths that retrace the mule tracks built by soldiers during the First World War, breathing deeply the silence of nature and the peace that reigns unchallenged in these places.

But not only ... Then there is tennis, football, volleyball (indoor and outdoor), skating and sport climbing, for an offer of various sports suitable for everyone, which know how to satisfy adults and children.

In the winter season, Gallium is also the ideal destination for lovers of cross-country skiing and downhill.

In its municipal area, in fact, there are the alpine ski slopes "Melette 2000", just 4.5 km from the town center, where downhill enthusiasts can demonstrate their skills. 
In Campomulo, instead, there is the Centro Fondo Campomulo which with its 150 km of Nordic ski slopes is a real paradise for lovers of cross-country skiing.

Do not forget the possibility of practicing long snowshoeing on the snow, immersed in the silence and quiet of the wonderful snowy landscapes that in the winter months transform the territory of Gallium into an enchanted world.

At 1 km from the center, in Pakstall, there is the Valley of the Trampolines, so called precisely because of the presence of ski jumps, among which stands the famous K95, where important international competitions have been held.

Monte Longara - Gallio

With its sporting and cultural attractions, unspoiled nature, its important history, Gallium is a country to be discovered, which knows how to respond to the needs of families, young people and even the elderly. Thanks to the temperate and mild climate , the latter, in fact, here can find relief during the great summer heat and breathe pure and healthy air, with excellent benefits for the whole body and spirit.


The territory of Gallium is rich in things to see, from ancient buildings that recall customs and traditions of past times, to the wonders of the local flora and fauna, which represent a treasure of inestimable value from a naturalistic point of view.

Here are some of the attractions you can visit:


It is a temple dedicated to the Madonna del Caravaggio, built in the first half of the '800, destroyed by bombing in the First World War and then rebuilt. Near the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buso, there is a narrow canyon carved into the rock by the Frenzela stream.


Valle dei Mulini della Covola - Gallio

Not far from the center of Gallium is the Valley of the Mills, characterized by the abundance of water, which is rare given the karst nature of the plateau, and therefore, in the past, has made it ideal territory for the construction of mills. In its first part the valley takes its name from the stream that crosses it, the Covola, and walking there will be like going back in time: for paths where mills and washhouses stand out in the past used to grind cereals and tann hides.


In the hamlet of Stoccareddo, in Val Frenzela, stands the Spitzknotto or Spizegonotto , a huge boulder that, like the Altar Knotto di Rotzo, resembles an altar for its shape.


The Libr'Albero is a work of art and a refuge for lovers of reading and nature, located along the splendid itinerary of Mount Longara in Gallium. Created from the trunk of a centuries-old spruce, felled by the devastating Vaia storm in the autumn of 2018, this sculpture testifies how something exceptional can be born even from the most disastrous moments.

Carved on the large and gnarled trunk of the tree, you can find small animals of the local fauna, and inside it has been created a small case containing books by Mario Rigoni Stern and other stories about the mountain

Right in front of the Libr'Albero, a bench made from the same centuries-old tree offers an irresistible invitation to sit and savor the moment. Here, relaxing and immersing yourself in a good read, surrounded by a breathtaking view, is a unique and extraordinary experience.

In summary, the Libr'Albero is a symbol of resilience and fusion between art, nature and culture. A place where the heart and mind can find an unforgettable haven of peace.

Continuing from here, along the route, you can reach other points of interest, including the memorial dedicated to the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1988 and the Monte Cimon Observatory, a panoramic point where you can enjoy a wide view of the central basin of the plateau and the surrounding mountains.

ANCIENT TREES - Melette di Gallio e Puche

At the Melette di Gallio you can immerse yourself in a fairytale landscape, where majestic centuries-old and monumental beech trees, known as "le Puche," become the silent narrators of an ancient and fascinating story. The term "Puche" comes from the ancient Cimbrian language and means "beech," a linguistic tribute that emphasizes the ancient presence of these specimens in the territory.

Characterized by particular and almost mysterious shapes, these beech trees invite the observer to free his imagination and imagine the stories and secrets they could hide. These singular conformations are the result of "capitulation," an ancient practice now fallen into disuse, which involved cutting the trunk of the tree to a height of about 2 or 3 meters in order to stimulate the plant to produce new fronds and branches.

But the charm of Puche is not limited to their extraordinary shape. These monumental beech trees are living witnesses of local history and traditions, and their presence continues to enchant and inspire those lucky enough to be faced with such wonders of nature.


The Path of Silence winds through the woods in Campomuletto. This particular itinerary aims to keep alive the memory of the war events that affected the Asiago plateau in the years 1915-18. Along the way, 10 artistic installations have been placed, each accompanied by a poem or a writing, with the aim of making visitors reflect on the horror of war and the tragedy that took place in those places a hundred years ago.

Sentiero del Silenzio - Gallio


Let yourself be fascinated by the natural and historical beauties of the territory of Gallium watching these videos:

Live Webcam

Thanks to Asiago.it's live webcams, you can stay up to date on what's happening in real time in various areas of thePlateau,in all seasons.
Watch live webcams to find out what's going on at the City of Gallio,to see what a long time ago, to check the snow situation or just to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.

Webcams Live Rifugio Campomulo - Centro Fondo Campomulo

Live Webcam on Snow Fun Park Campomulo





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