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Frazione di Treschè Conca

Tresché Conca, frazione of the comune of Roana, is a village located at 1079 meters above sea level, about 10 miles from Asiago and Roana. It is the first town on the plateau that is going up from Vicenza on the highway of the "cost", then the most convenient to reach from the Milano-Venezia motorway.
Tresché Valley is a resort popular for summer holidays that winter. The surroundings of the country, in fact, offer numerous routes for walks and excursions in the verdant and unspoiled nature of the place and a ski lift with treadmill good for little challenging slopes with skiing, bobsled and Luge.

The Secret Valley area is rich in historic sites, including the Ruined Collection held at the former elementary schools of the country. This is an interesting permanent exhibition of World War I artifacts collected on the battlefields of the Asiago plateau.

To visit also the Strong Corbin on Monte Cengio, a fortification that dominates the Val d'astico and Val d Assa built in the years immediately preceding the outbreak of the great war, which was the place of alternate vicissitudes of war. Inside is housed a small museum which houses artifacts of the war.

Very interesting and exciting to visit is the "sacred area" of Monte Cengio, where in the spring of 1916, in what was one of the bloodiest battles of the great war which took place on the Asiago plateau, died thousands of Italian soldiers belonging to the Brigade Grenadiers of Sardinia.

Fascinating and charming, although of recent construction, is the Source of the Elves, a fountain inspired by the ancient legends of Cimbrian source on elves and goblins.

A visit is worth even the Cason of wonders, a small alpine hut of the early ' 900 with educational farm for adults and children where we organise interesting educational activities for people with disabilities.

During the last weekend of June in Tresché Laver held the traditional festival of San Luigi Gonzaga, with games, raffle, music, and food stand.

There is also A Tresché Conca the opportunity to practice outdoor sports. In the village there are footballfield, from football, tennis, bowls and various playgrounds.

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