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Frazione di Canove

Canove, in cimbro Roan, is one of six districts of Roan municipality, which is the municipal seat. The village is located at 1001 m above sea level and is approximately 4 miles from Asiago as well as Roana, and then in a strategic position to reach the main Highland towns and places of interest.
Surrounded by nature, Canove is a is an excellent starting point for excursions and walks on foot or by bicycle, such as along the historic "Road train" a path that winds its way precisely along what was once the route of the so-called "Vaca Mora", the cogwheel railway that linked theAsiago plateau to plain. Other tours worth mentioning are the ring "Bisele-St. Antoenle", where you can also visit the Loite Kubala (karst cave), Ghelpack Valley and part of the Val d Assa.

Canove is undoubtedly one of the seven Municipalities plateau where there retains vivid memories of World War I. Here is the Historical Museum of the great war 1915-18, where they exposed thousands of photographs and relics of war of every kind, including weapons, ammunition, clothing, personal effects of the soldiers, badges, coins, postcards, etc. The Museum is housed in what until 1958 was one of the stations of the old railway line Rocchette-Asiago.

Every year, on April 25, the feast of St. mark, the patron saint of the village, Canove di Roana held the feast of cuchi, traditional terracotta whistles of every shape and color. The Festival recalls the tradition whereby the day of St. Mark's boys give a to beautiful as cuco pledge of love. It is a popular festival with food stalls of cuchi, various animations for adults and teenagers, rides and food stand.

Canove offers very well as to the possibility to carry out recreational and sports activities thanks to the presence of a theatre, a footballfield, from tennis, bocciodromo, various playgrounds, communal swimming pool and fitness centre.

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