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Consortium Pro Loco Plateau 7 Municipalities

Consorzio Pro Loco Altopiano 7 Comuni

The Consortium of the Pro Loco of the Asiago Plateau 7 Municipalities consists of the Pro Loco of Asiago, Camporovere, Canove, Cesuna, Enego, Gallium, Lusiana Conco, Mezzaselva, Roana, Rotzo, Sasso and Treschè Conca

Preserving the history, culture and traditions of our territory is what the Consortium aims to achieve through various events and events such as Rites and Festivals, Crafts, Arts and Shows, Dialects and Flavors of Tradition.

Aerial view of the Plateau during the summer season



The Pro Loco Enego is committed to creating events for all ages, dedicated to those who choose Enego as a tourist destination and to the residents of the small town.

Important is the management of forte Lisser, fortification of the Great War built between 1911 and 1914, the Scaliger Tower, belonging to an ancient Scaliger castle, the soft mobility paths, tennis and soccer courts and E-Bike rental.

Among the events organized by the Pro Loco of Enego do not miss:

  • MUSIC AND COLORS A...: musical evenings at the symbolic monuments of Enego such as the Church of San Lorenzo in the Piana di Marcesina, the Forte Lisser and the Scaliger Tower
  • A FAIRYTALE DAY: the village of Enego hosts children in a magical world with fairy tales and legends
  • OKTOBER GHENEBE: Eneghese autumn festival in the name of the season of a thousand colors

and many others!


The Pro Loco Sasso is the youngest Pro Loco of the Plateau and operates in the homonymous fraction of the Municipality of Asiago.

Among the most important events organized by the Pro Loco Sasso we remember: 

  • SAGRA DI SANT'ANTONIO: festival that develops over several weekends in June and features the soccer tournament of the Seven Municipalities INTERBAR, with music and party for all ages
  • HISTORICAL TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION CALA'DEL SASSO: torchlight procession in the historic path of stones and stones consisting of 4444 steps, built in the fourteenth century to be able to lead timber, goods and animals directly from Asiago to Valstagna
Panoramic view of the plateau covered by snow in winter


The Pro Loco Canove promotes and enhances the territory, traditions and folklore of this beautiful corner of the plateau.

The Pro Loco organizes events all year round, such as dancing evenings of ballroom dancing, the Ottembre Fest, the Autumn Festival, outdoor lunches on Ascension Day or at Malga Boscosecco in August, the New Year's Eve.

At the Pro Loco you can also book trekking excursions accompanied by specialized environmental nature guides, the Multipurpose Palace, mountain biking, tennis courts and bowls.

Among the most famous and awaited events organized by the Pro Loco of Canove we remember the SAGRA DI SAN MARCO, which was born as a free cattle fair evolving over the course of history and human events to take on the character of a folkloristic event and party. This up to the most recent history that associates the Sagra di San Marco with the romantic and significant custom of the exchange of the Cuchi.


The Pro Loco Mezzaselva is the smallest among the six Pro Loco of the Municipality of Roana. The hamlet, located in the plateau riviera, boasts numerous attractive and historical sites. 

More than 50 are the initiatives organized every year by the Pro Loco of Mezzaselva and among the most important attractions we include the booking of the Baito Erio, an ideal location for those who want to spend a day in joy with friends in the middle of nature.


The Pro Loco Rotzo is committed to creating events and parties to animate the summer of the small town of Rotzo, from musical evenings with bands to sports races and charity walks.

In fact, they are unmissable events:

  • POTATO FESTIVAL: traditional festival, now in its 45th edition, which enhances the Rotzo Potato, a product of the highland land
  • PEDESCALANDO ROTZO: historic non-competitive race on an ancient mule track
  • MARCIA AMICIAD: walk for charity in the woods of Rotzo.
The countryside of the Plateau in summer


Become part of the great world of the Pro Loco of Italy and the Plateau, associations that thanks to the precious contribution of volunteers are committed to the enhancement of the products and beauties of the territories, protecting traditions and promoting social cohesion.


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