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Malga quarti articolo

Malga Quarti

Mountain Bike Route (MTB) Roana - Malga Quarti - Monte Verena - Forte Campolongo 

Itinerary that leads to two spectacular places: the top of Mount Verena with a 360-degree panorama and the Campolongo Fort,also located in a highly panoramic area. Both places have a strong historical significance linked to the fighting of the First World War,for a visitor to thePlateau this itinerary can not miss!

ITINERARIO (MTB):   Roana - Malga Quarti - Monte Verena - Fort Campolongo
Technical guidance
Length: 34 km
Climbing: 1200 meters.
Maximum altitude: 2000 mt
Difficulty: Medium
Travel time: 4 hours


It starts from the pond of Roana taking the dirt that begins after the end of the asphalt. The road climbs with an average slope until it reaches after about 2.7 km a hairpin called "Martin Curve".
Travel the hairpin bend and continue for another 500 meters, meeting, in this case, the "Martin Bridge".
Leave the bridge and go straight ahead. After a few meters on the left you can go to see the "snow bus",marked by a special sign.

It is one of the many deep holes of karst formation present in thePlateau. At the beginning of the summer you can still find inside, as the word itself says, accumulations of snow.
Continuing the route you head towards Malaga Quarti leaving, at a hairpin bend, a road to the left.

Near the mountain farm the view begins to open, the forest leaves room for the meadows used for grazing cattle of the farm.
Past the farm you continue with some salt-downs to the fork towards Cima Verena.
This is where the last stretch, about 4 km, starts, leading to the top passing 7 hairpin bends.
Along this track there are the ruins of the military barracks of the First World War.
Once you reach the top you can visit the fort and admire the surrounding views,both towards thePlateau and towards the neighboring areas of Passo Vezzena, Cima Larici and top Portule.

Casare gruppach

Casare Gruppach

For the descent from the top choose the ski slope that starts right next to the arrival of the chairlift.
The first section of the track is to be tackled in zigzags to sweeten the slope then, after a hundred meters, part of the dirt road of service to the lifts that descends to the right to the refuge Verenetta,starting point of the ski resorts.

From the hut take the main paved road and descend for 2.5 km and then turn right to a fork that leads to the area of Casare Campolongo home, in the winter period, of theeponymous center bottom.
For those who want to make a digression you can stop after 500 meters at the Campolongo Refuge to eat, or turn left 200 meters before the shelter in the direction of Forte Campolongo.
The ascent is not very long (about 2 km) and leads in 30-40 minutes, at the entrance of the Fort.

This military mountain structure is worth a visit as it has been the subject of a major renovation that has brought it to the form of a time.
Here, too, there is a wide panorama towards the Val d'Astico in the south-east and the Dolomite area to the north.
The descent is traveled along the same road for about a kilometer, then near a fork hold the right and continue the descent until you cross the paved road in the area called " GaribaldiBeach".

Ingresso al forte campolongo

Entrance to The Camplongo Fort

Here we resume the ascent for the last effort: the first part, on asphalt, 500 meters long and the second part, turned to the right, about 1 km long that leads to the"Space of merchants"in the area of Mount Erio.
From the Beach keep the second road to the left in the direction of Casare Gruppach.
The track is now all downhill for about 3 km until you meet the "Martin Bridge"left out of the round trip.

At this point you can walk the road made previously to the starting point of theitinerary with the possibility highlighted in the track, to make a variant in the woods.
This variant is quite bumpy and, in some steepsections, recommended only for experienced bikers,for others it is recommended to continue for the quick and easy stretch that brings back to the Roana Pond.

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