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Asiago Guide

Asiago Guide

Asiago Guide is a service of thePlateau of 7 Municipalities, available to families, schools, groups and individuals who want to discover the area. Comes from a larger project of valorization of our mountain ...
Everything starts with passion to convey to the visitor thelove for this land, its history, its nature, its products. The aim is to suggest, safely and professionally, anexperience as complete as to all those who want to share their steps with us.

During most of the year you will find suggestions of outputs designed to meet the needs of all, but you can always contact us for a personalized tour. We offer walks of varying lengths and difficulty on various issues such as the centenary of the great war, the Cimbrian expedition, natural beauty, culinary specialties.

Nature walks

It's among the scents and the shadow of a forest, in the spectacular shapes of rocks or among ancient streets surrounded by stoan-platten, walking in nature is a rejuvenating experience and the plateau is definitely the place to do it! A Guide can give you that extra bit that will make you appreciate even more the wonders that surround you.

Historical walks

This area has been profoundly marked by the first world war that devastated culture, forms, landscape ... is difficult to walk without stumbling across some vestiges of the war. There are excursions to the battlefields at trenches or fortresses built in the borders, as well as guided visits to the museums of war and Shrine military Leiten.

Exits at night or at dawn

Going out in the evening with the long shadows of the sunset and then the light of the moon and the stars will give you unique emotions! We could lay on a blanket to observe the stars or listen and imagine the nightlife of the woods. Among the most beautiful experiences we propose, we have thesunrise in the farmhouse,where you will see the sun rise, milk your breakfast and know the secrets of the master-born houses while giving birth to theAsiago DOP.

Educational Trips – School Trips

The Plateau is an eclectic tool for teaching that adapts to various themes and to all school ages. Thanks to the many remnants of trenches and strong, we could revive the events of the Great War to make them understand the difficulties and sufferings that young people have experienced so that they can understand the meaning of studying history. The lush nature, on the other hand, is ideal for dealing with vast themes of environmental education,but also just to bring young and old to the natural element that especially for those who live in cities becomes something foreign and unknown.

Educational farm

Not just for kids! You can discover the world of herbs and APIs through a visit to our Garden of aromatic herbs and the didactic beehives so as to lose the fear for these amazing insects and get to touch them!

Gastronomic Tours

The mountain is a hostile place to live, but the few fruits that this land gives are rich not only in flavor, but are full of the history they represent. The prince product is definitely the cheese! With us you can discover the secrets of its production and grasp the differences between grazing. From June to September there is no better place than the huts to know and taste The Asiago.

Other typical products are herbs,in spring but not only can we lead you to the rediscovery of ancient knowledge about the use of lawns to feed and care,and so understand how a very rough land, if you know, can be really very generous.

Or honey,an irreplaceable food in our diets, but which hides behind it much more for the complexity of the interactions between bees and nature,and the fragility of bees towards man and his activities. With a walk and a visit to the company you can get to know and taste all the secrets of this particular world!

The mountain potato made famous by the crops in Rotzo,right here we could take a beautiful walk through the fields and then have lunch on the farm,of course everything made from potatoes from the famous dumplings to dessert!

Snowshoe hiking

The winter is very long, and you can't just stand still! Our proposals in the winter months are adapted to the climate and we will reach our goals through the use of snowshoes! This easy tool will allow you to safely reach places otherwise blocks and enjoy breathtaking scenery! Even more magical night outings to become the Moonlight or a lantern.
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