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Rifugio Bar Alpino

Rifugio Bar Alpino

The Alpine Hut Bar Pozza dantzler (1268 m) at Caltrano is ideal hiking sailing but also the simple tourist on trip. Not far from Paù Nozzle, whose vast landscapes come to miss on the High Plains, is located close to the bifurcation which leads, on the one hand, to the Valley of The Wheelbarrow and the other in Val Magnaboschi, Cesuna.
Born as all shelters to offer travelers a place to find rest and shelter from bad weather, is now a small hotel, offering much more than a roof to protect from rain and from fatigue.

The experience of the Alpine Hut Bar can be summed up with phrases like "Nestled in the beautiful Highland scenery, friendly people and a good table offer a safe place to stop and rest." It can be summarized, but live it ...


Alpine hut Bar you can taste many specialties, which in addition to being healthy, are also quite tasty!

Among the main courses you can find: homemade pasta with duck sauce, white sauce and mushrooms, sausage and smoked ricotta.

And the latter are not to be outdone with: venison, grilled meat, tripe, sausage and mountain cheeses, big burgers beef 400gr., goulash, polenta, mushrooms and melted cheese.

Many homemade desserts: from Apple Pie, puffed spelt and walnuts, pears, berries, almondsand white chocolate , dark chocolate and hazelnuts... and especially at cups: with crumble, homemade yogurt and berries or quella con crumble, ricotta cheese and dark chocolate.

The liquors from us personally and the parapampolo, a proper coffee drink in convivial and cheerful company.


Rooms at Alpine Bar while retaining all the charm and practicality of mountain homes, offer the visitor a comfort found only in those who manage to preserve traditions without becoming entangled: characteristic that permeates everything related to the refuge, starting with the people who live there.

The atmosphere and the contact with those hosts are certainly very different from what you can experience in the most "conventional": here guests and hosts can share, as can happen between old friends, the experiences of the day.

2 rooms are available for a total of 10 beds, 3 in one room and 7 in the other. Supplied fitted sheet, pillowcase and towel. Usually guests we organize with your own sleeping bag.


Thehike up to the hut is simple and accessible to everyone, including children!

As with any mountaineering should always have with them:
• Mountain or Scaroponcini Moon Boot in case of snow!
• Windbreaker or K-Way
• Backpack (best small and ventilated at the back, two compact shoulder strap, avoid loads required to hand ...)
• A complete replacement (in case of rain)
• Cap and gloves (in the mountains, the weather can change suddenly)

Don't forget:
• Map of the area
• Compass
• Front Stack (remember spare batteries)

For every eventuality lead:
• Water or hot tea
• Chocolate bars or dried fruit
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